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  1. Herbie

    Question on Timbren bump stops...

    Sure, the control was loose, but I didn't "loose control". I was worried I might lose control.
  2. Herbie

    Question on Timbren bump stops...

    I have another question for Timbren - What does it mean to loose control? :geek:
  3. Herbie

    Permanent Rechargeable Overhead Ceiling Lights in a Hardwall Camper. Has Their Time Arrived?

    I do wonder about the infrastructure of attachment vs. frequency of charging. We use some USB rechargeable puck lamps, but they hang with a hook or via a small magnet. Similarly, I have a little light for the underbed cargo area in my FWC that attaches with a magnet, but can be pulled off to...
  4. Herbie

    Bathroom or Storage?

    Here's another way to look at it: You can hang clothes or stack a bin of foodstuffs in the bathroom, but you probably shouldn't pee in the closet.
  5. Herbie

    BUYER BEWARE 1996 Chinook Concourse Side Entry 7.3

    I'd say it was time for Small Claims court, but given that this was a fly-out deal, the jurisdictional issues make that a PITA. I'm very sorry. That said, I'd rather lose $1000 deposit than get wrapped around the axle for $40k and then spend thousands more to make it right. :(
  6. Herbie

    Would you live in a wedge camper full time?

    No, but not for the reasons covered so far. In addition to the issues of managing temperature, etc., the other factors that would keep me from trying to fulltime in a wedge camper: Lack of ongoing living space Dust management "Duffle Shuffle" - i.e. the daily act of moving bags or sleeping...
  7. Herbie

    Provan Tiger Bengal Thread

    I flew to Arkansas during an "arctic blast" to pick up our FWC flatbed with only a carryon bag stuffed to the limit with my backpacking sleeping bag, snow gear, and an insulated mug. (And a change of clothes). By previous agreement, the seller had topped up the propane and water tanks, so I...
  8. Herbie

    How can I sleep 3 people in a full size van?

    Possibilities: Bunk bed Sling cot over the front seats (a la VW bus, suspended from A and B-pillars - if teen is taller than bus is wide, a "wide" cot could let them sleep diagonally) Sleep longitudinally on the floor (with a mattress) with legs under the adult bed Add on a Pop-top or RTT I...
  9. Herbie

    AWD Chevy Astro v. Toyota Hiace

    Back when I started my project, I made my choice for the Astro specifically because of the ease and well-documented nature of doing the AWD->4x4 conversion on the Astro/Safari vans. and had lots of great info and proved it could easily be...
  10. Herbie

    Water Storage in the Desert

    For reference, here's a water dump where the PCT crosses Wendigo Pass/OBDR#3 in Oregon. These bottles sit out here for quite a while so that through-hikers can take what they need. In the desert, tossing a moving blanket over them might make mid-day use more palatable, but otherwise, I expect...
  11. Herbie

    California - Importing and Obtaining Title/Licensing for Expedition Vehicle - RV - MotorHome

    I'm no expert, but I did find the website very helpful the first time I was looking to import a vehicle. Searching the topic "Vehicle import" brings up this set of resources: The...
  12. Herbie

    ARB fridge 12v problem

    Literally it means a place that fixes appliances. The working innards of your ARB are very much the same as any other modern kitchen refrigerator, with the exception of having an AC->DC converter and some additional control features. Hell, my brand new LG Kitchen fridge sounds so much like my...
  13. Herbie

    ARB fridge 12v problem

    Was there an option to pay for repair? I agree that you're out of warranty, but neither are you the proud owner of a lump of coal - if it's really the compressor, it seems like exploring replacement parts would be the most cost effective option. EDIT: (Personally, I'd consider tackling it as a...
  14. Herbie

    Vehicle Camera Storage Ideas?

    When I had my van, I used a Rubbermaid seat organizer/caddy thing as a makeshift center console. (I couldn't have a permanently fixed console because I needed the space to swivel the seats around and deal with the pop-top.) That console was sized such that I was able to use a foam insert as a...
  15. Herbie

    Air compressors in La Paz???

    This post notes the location of Outback ExtremeAire compressor and relay on this poster's SMB: Down the thread from there, there are photos that also include a resettable breaker. If you're hearing a click, it...
  16. Herbie

    Air compressors in La Paz???

    Year/Model of Van? The Sportsmobile Forum may be able to help identify the "usual" place that Sportsmobile places the relay for an install like that. This would be the best case scenario, if it is only a failing relay, you should be able to swap it directly (I am assuming it is a standard...
  17. Herbie

    DIY Propane Firepit

    Yeah, hose-schmoze. I'm here to say the feet are friggin' genius.
  18. Herbie

    SOLD. 2022 SPACEKEP Diablo Camper

    Looks like 8' model from the title of the table, but the quoted weight is for the 6' model, so clarity would be appreciated. I am also sending a mental deathray at the person at Spacekap who created the brochure drawings with incomplete dimensions...
  19. Herbie

    California - Importing and Obtaining Title/Licensing for Expedition Vehicle - RV - MotorHome

    This is nonsense. I recently imported a Canadian-market truck with a US-made camper titled in one state, purchased from another state, and got it all squared away in 2 easy and short DMV visits plus a trip to my local CARB referee. The 2nd visit was only needed because I needed to see the smog...
  20. Herbie

    SOLD. 2022 SPACEKEP Diablo Camper

    Ooh, I don't need this project right now, but I'm keen to see someone do something cool with this! GLWS!