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    Fridge Size?

    I have looked in a few places but can't find much info on how big of a Fridge or Fridge-Freezer I should be looking at. I have room for as big a unit as is made. But I don't want wasted space either. Use will be for two people on no more than week long trips at this point. I have been using...
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    Any Coleman camp stove collectors here?

    That is an excellent stove. Just because it doesn't use propane does not mean it can't be useful. Most of those stoves were multi-fuel, you can cook off almost everything that burns. White gas is the best of course. Hope you enjoy it or find it a good home. They seem to sell between $20...
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    KF4ZAN Wellborn, Florida Icom 706MkIIG in the truck and an Icom 7200 for portable operations. Mobile HF depending on band conditions and local repeater chatter. Monitor 6M and 2M generally on the road.