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    Dometic 65 Dual Zone - San Diego

    Purely for research purposes, how much Satan’s Spinach does $600 worth of cooler pull these days?
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    FS,LI/NY- 2008 Toyota TRD Fj Cruiser, $22500

    Definitely not a Trail Teams. May have some TT parts (none mentioned or that I can see) but that is 100% NOT a trail teams
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    2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 4x4 - $13,000 (COLOMA CA 95613)

    Pretty sure the 4.7 timing belt interval is more like 90k
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    1998 Tacoma - "Overland Rock Crawler" - SAS - 37s - Lockers - Dual Tcases - 64k Miles!

    Good looking rig. What axles are you running? Gears? Lockers? Link to Build thread? Looks like dual cases? 1st Gen Taco's do have a much more tactile feel than the modern successor (can't say equivalent)
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    SOLD 2001 Ram 2500 4x4, HO Cummins, 6 speed. $17,000 Point Arena, CA

    If I remember correctly, the HO 2500 was the SRW 3500 equivalent because the only 3500 they made in this era was a dually. These trucks are sort of unicorns. I've spent a good bit of time in one and it pulled a trailer with my old troopy through atlanta traffic like it was hauling a load of...
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    2003 Toyota Tundra Knoxville, TN

    Bump! Fresh Serpentine belt and Tensioner pulley as well. Interesting trades considered!
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    The ultimate $3500 Overlander

    I'd say it's a buy and pull off the camper but it looks like it has been cut to become a pass-through to the cab
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    2003 Toyota Tundra Knoxville, TN

    Bump! Turn signal replaced so both are orange now
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    2003 Toyota Tundra Knoxville, TN

    Bump! Ordered a matching turn signal today so no more mismatch
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    2003 Toyota Tundra Knoxville, TN

    Looking to sell my 03 Tundra TRD Off-Road Access Cab Color Matched ARE top with roof rack and sliding windows (Nice to sleep in) Currently sitting at 181k but will go up as I do drive it every day Runs and drives great, just ready for something else Have owned 2 years and only off-roading I have...
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    HJ45 Troop Carrier with Trakka Pop-Top

    @LifestyleOverland The people have spoken! Update needed! But I think it is currently in storage(ish) while other adventures are taking precedent
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    1979 Toyota HJ45 Troopy with Pop Top

    Sitting at 13k with less than 24 hours left!
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    1979 Toyota HJ45 Troopy with Pop Top

    This is an auction so I will try my best to keep the bid updated in the first post
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    1979 Toyota HJ45 Troopy with Pop Top

    Sadly, I have put my Troopy up for auction on Bring a trailer. Current Bid: $8900 Link to Auction: All the gory details are in the auction but I am happy to give a quick rundown and answer any questions on here. I actually purchased it off...
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    WTB: 1st Gen Tacoma in Southeast

    Looking to buy a 95-04 Tacoma in good shape for a dd/weekender to keep the miles off my land cruiser. Wish list: <160k 4 Cylinder Extended Cab 4x4 Manual Trans The more manual the better (locks, hubs, windows, etc) Preferably Green but other colors aren't a deal breaker. Camper top, wildernest...
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    LATEST PROJECT - Truck Drawers/Sleeping Platform

    Absolutely fantastic
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    2008 Toyota Tacoma NEMO Overland Truck $26,995

    Free bump for a solid rig. Whoever gets this, if you want to trade for a pop top troopy, I'm down.
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    2008 Toyota Tacoma NEMO Overland Truck $26,995

    Tried to PM you but your inbox is full
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    2008 Toyota Tacoma "NEMO" Up for Sale again

    No build thread. It's a trakka converted 1979 HJ45 with a 2H swapped into it. Runs and drives great but does have some rust here and there. Shoot me a PM for any more info. Not sure if I want to get rid of it quite yet. ab1985, I'm just down the road from you in Chattanooga, so if you're...