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    Night Shots of Camp

    Canyonlands National Park Camping Colorado National Monument C-Loop Site 75
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    New JKU Cargo System and Other Upgrades

    I'm interested in that double-top table shown in one of your camp set up photos at the beginning of this thread. Who makes it/where did you get it? Thanks
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    Everybody has one “opinion on lifts”

    I've had a Metalcloak 2.5" Overland Elite lift on my JKUR for the past year and recently added the control arms to make it a Gamechanger lift. It has taken me everywhere and been reliable with no repairs needed. The nice thing about their Duroflex bushings in their control arms is that they are...
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    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    So what does it weigh in at out of curiosity.
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    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    The ladder on the side is made by Maximus-3 and is part of their Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform roof rack. There is a small bracket that is sandwiched in between the hard top and tub of the Jeep at the bottom and then it attaches to the roof rack with the same square nuts in the track that you...
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    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    If you aren't dead set on AEV, I have a Metalcloak 2.5" lift on mine. It was originally the Metalcloak Overland Elite lift kit with their Rocksport shocks. It was a pretty complete lift with everything except control arms, and rear brake extension lines. (They have change things some since I...
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    2018 JLUR - First "expedition" in the new rig

    So far for me the advantages are: 2, 4, and 8 gallon capacities. Roto-molded plastic so they will never rust. Modular stacking. You can mount them upright, or flat. But this is my personal reasons. I am sure there are others here who would prefer NATO Jerry cans over the Rotopax. Disadvantages...
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    2018 JLUR - First "expedition" in the new rig

    I'm not sure about the limits of the JL's spare tire carrier since I have a JKU. But, If you have plans of going to a larger tire and wheel size you should consider upgrading your spare tire carrier. There are several modular units on the market. The one that I have is the Maximus-3 spare tire...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Not sure if you asking me or not, but if you were, that is the Maximus-3 Spare tire carrier with the Maximus-3 Hi-Lift Jack mount.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    From a few weeks ago wheeling near Buckhannon W.V. And since today is July the 4th......
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    Need new shocks - AEV 2.5" DS lift - your thoughts?

    I have a Metalcloak 2.5" Overland Elite w/Rocksport shocks on my JKUHR and the ride and handling is by far much better than what it was from the factory. The Rocksport shocks are definitely firm but not spine crushing harsh over bumps. My Jeep is weighted down pretty good though. I have the...