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    New here and New to Overlanding

    Welcome to the forum, Johstacy. You I think are the first Rivian owner to join! I’ve had an R1 reservation since June 2021, and should be taking delivery in the next few months. Rivian was supposed to be working on a factory winch option but they have not made any announcements since fall 2021...
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    New Defender News

    Totally agree. They’ll need to cram at least 135 kWh battery into this to sniff 300mi EPA. That 300mi range is probably using the WLTP (European) rating which is about 25-30% greater than EPA on the vehicles I’m familiar with. Using WLTP I think 300mi on 100kWh is a stretch, but possible if you...
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    Adding Renogy battery Charger to Land Rover LR3

    The LR3 does have a variable output alternator from factory.
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    LR3 water ingress / aftermath (dead radio)

    Leaks at the A-pillar are a known issue. The lowest clip connection should be taped over as shown here (black tape). Replace all the gaskets on the yellow clips and you’ll be good. If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to do the cowl intake cover as well. Sorry, I cannot help with...
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    Rare Land Rover Dealership Showroom Posters on eBay.

    Link doesn’t work. Bummer. Good LR memorabilia is hard to find.
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    Defender 130

    I hope the Defender volume picks up enough to justify a modern D130 pickup. Sign me up! The third row in my LR3 is pretty good for adults as well. The cargo area of the 110 is surprisingly small, that was the biggest surprise when comparing it to my LR3. I think the 130 would fit my wants and...
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    LR3 transmission slips - service worth it?

    These tools are definitely necessary, even with the steel pan swap. There just isn’t much room between the exhaust & transmission cross member and pan. The heat shield frame is really annoying too. I bought some shorter stainless bolts from the hardware store which made reassembly a bit less...
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    Load Space/Cargo Space Liner, Protector, Cover LR4

    I’ve got an OEM cargo load tray. It’s like the mat, but goes up all sides 3” and is made of a heavy duty plastic so it is water tight.
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    L322 Spare Parts and Field Tool Kit

    Multi-meter Zip ties Wire cutters Tail lamp bulbs Repair or shop manual (the one the dealer has) Owner’s manual (the one in the glove box) PB Blaster or WD-40 Ride height sensors Wrenches (fit in smaller spaces than a ratchet) Twine Tire patch kit Jumper cables (battery jump boxes may not always...
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    Front and Rear Suspension Ride Height Sensor Links for Sale?

    Here are the front:
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    LR3 transmission slips - service worth it?

    You can buy ZF Lifeguard 6 for $15/L at several places. It’s really not too bad, it used to be much more expensive. 7L is a good amount to have on hand for a standard filter change, 10L if you are removing the valve body. You can buy the fluid, filter, and steel pan conversion for $350-500...
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    Lightning Flippers Beware! Ford May Not Let You Re-Sell Your Truck!

    Considering I ordered my lighting on 5/19/21 during the reveal and haven’t been contacted for final ordering, I support this rule. It’s frustrating for someone to buy one to flip when I’ve been waiting longer and want to buy one to keep for 15 years.
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    Best $200 (or less) Tool Kit for College Student?

    It IS sexist to assume someone’s daughter is incapable of holding a wrench and needs the help of a “smart” man to do so for her. Keep in mind at the point in the thread where this was mentioned the only evidence we had was someone asking about an emergency toolset for his daughter at college...
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    Best $200 (or less) Tool Kit for College Student?

    Hopefully this hypothetical boyfriend isn’t this sexist, either.
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    D3/LR3 seat covers?

    Found this old thread, curious if @DiscoDavis and @Victory_Overland have some update photos to the 5+ patina on these gorgeous covers and, if I should be so lucky, might have a line on a set to resell. I’ve been searching high and low for a second hand M&M set since we got our LR3.
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    New Defender News

    Did some off-roading last weekend with a bunch of new 110s, a 90, and several other LR models. The design of the Defender has grown on me a lot in the last year, so I was interested in seeming them up close. The interiors look good. Having a dog and preschooler, I’m all about easy to clean...
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    LR3 Tie Rods. Recommended replacement options?

    I’ve had mixed experiences with aftermarket parts, so I decided to stick to OE for anything critical (suspension, drivetrain) or where the labor involved is high. FCP Euro shows Lemförder as the OE supplier for your toe rods. They are $20 each for outers. While it’s totally possible for...
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    Best aggressive but not “all terrain” tires for my transit connect

    Another vote for the Geolandar G015. I have a set on my LR3. Mileage is actually better than the EPA estimates for my vehicle—EPA is 17 highway, and I get 20 mpg. They are labeled an AT, but are relatively mild for an AT in terms of tread design and one of the lightest AT category tires. They...
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    Rust Prevention and Reversal: Whats Your Experience?

    Same here. My F150 has seen salt maybe 5 times in its life, but what’s finally begun eating through the rear flares is due to dust from gravel roads accumulating where I couldn’t see it or easily clean it. Of course once I saw the bubbling staring to happen on the outside, I started...
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    2011 LR4 HSE Build and Service

    Too late to help you, but it may be of help to others… If one untwists those plastic inserts like a screw rather than pry them, they come out more readily. I actually installed roof rails on my LR3 yesterday, successfully removing 5/6 without breaking. I had my tap set ready though. Also...