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    New 2006 Ford E450's w/wo ambulance box

    I’ll post this once the deal is finalized, it’s a Canadian manufacturer, ordering from China was an absolute disaster, worst experience of my life, have been researching China and there practices. If I had Known i wouldn’t have even tried ordering from them. The Canadian government just declared...
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    New 2006 Ford E450's w/wo ambulance box

    I did get it bulletproofed, and designed the subframe myself, will go into detail
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    New 2006 Ford E450's w/wo ambulance box

    Can’t believe they took this long to sell, I bought the first one, very happy, re oredered panels today, 4x4 conversion, spring loaded deck, bumpers and winches almost done, will do a build post soon careful I was ripped off trying to order panels from China , was dealing with Bullex Schwall...
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    Warning, little help?
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    Warning, little help?

    If anyone knows the difference between Bullex Schwall and Jinan Bullex a little info be appreciated. I was told Bullex Schwall is just a tiny piece of Jinan,, yet I thought I had read some where the Schwall family owns the factory in China. The Schwall family denies that Roland is the owner...
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    Warning, little help?

    Thanks will check them out
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    Warning, little help?

    Yes, they are the North American agent for Bullex Schwall I found out, needless to say our relationship is sour. I’ll have to learn how to paragraph to tell this tale,
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    Warning, little help?

    I agree, not an American though, never had an issue that wasn’t resolved with an American company, bought a lot of American product, even had the owner of a large reloading company call me personally looking into an issue I had, sent me a new part that day. Had my head buried in the sand in my...
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    Warning, little help?

    Sorry, uneducated Contractor who works hard physical labour with his hands, lol
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    Warning, little help?

    Hmm, this is what I wonder, why Bullex didn’t return my last email promptly, while every other email had been , and it seamlessly transitioned on without missing a beat with the person who knows there composite business inside and out, even the different various kommerling specs and correcting...
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    Warning, little help?

    Warning Hate to be here, but want to let others know so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. My company had been in contact with Bullex Schwall, a China/German company, organizing a purchase of composite panels. We had communicated over 60 times between Feb 23 and May 29 2020 working out the...
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    I’m excited to see this happen so I can only imagine how excited you are. I’d like to hear more about your plans, North America and international,,
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    Trip report: ARBORGEDDON

    What's the height of your set up?
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    Another Earthroamer

    No off-road , what a shame, should have stuck with a class c and saved himself a ton of money,
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    Ford E350 Super Duty Econoline Van 4x4 Ambulance - $49500 (Morgan Hill)

    Lost interest? Or ran out of money? Or time? Lol, lots of potential there, some nice work
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    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Looks good, just started reading your original build again, amazing how many guys in all there wisdom said don't, won't, ect, as they held there noses in the air, wood? What where you thinking lol. This is probably one of my favourite builds ever, wonder if there composite campers ever left the...
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    A Truck Camper like no other

    Toyos, 19.5" 35's are 6500lbs I believe, M608z?
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    I could use a set, Vancouver Island, in the slim chance,,, seats, have bases
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    Trip report: ARBORGEDDON

    Read first page, all that popped up. Looking forward to more, always enjoy your reports
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    Is 4x4 really necessary for a cabover build?

    I think it must depend where you live, rwd won't even get you up my driveway in snow or even off my wet lawn. I won't let anyone in my family not drive awd or 4wd. Think about where your headed I guess, it's a big planet.