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    Installing truck box latch

    So here's what I'm thinking, and let me know if you think it will work. I trace the lock out where it needs to be cut using a pencil. I take a drill, drill a few holes to give me room to get a jigsaw blade in. Then I run the jigsaw ruffly and not all the way to the edge that I need to cut...
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    Installing truck box latch

    Thanks for the reply rayra, really appreciate it. That's a beautiful build you did, I pretty much read it start to finish. I am basically using the same latch, but wish I read your right up before I glued pinned and screwed everything together... I see what you mean by the two different...
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    Installing truck box latch

    Hey gang, I am very happy to say I am finally working on, and almost done, my rear drawer for my 2002 xterra. Turned out better than I imagined, as I am not a carpenter. I will do a full write up in the sticky when I am done, but here is my stumper. The drawer is essentially done. But I need...
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    Little guy 5'

    Also interested. Been watching them for a while. I like how small and versatile they look, although it's pretty tight inside. That being said, I love the idea of hard walls. I also recently discovered one called the quicksilver 6 tent trailer. There are various models. Basically a tent trailer...
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    rig of chrishaynesusa

    That's beautiful man. I would love that trailer
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    My ongoing Xterra build thread

    Awesome update man. Sorry I didn't see your message until I got back to Prince George. I am about to pull the trigger on some long tube Doug thorleys, but don't have the time to rip apart my daily driver right now, so debating having a shop do the install. Any guesses on labour? May I ask...
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    My build of Besty

    wow. Your not messing around! Keep us updated
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    xovrlnd s/c xterra build

    Awesome man. I was torn over the KO2, duratracs and Hankook MT's. I think I am going to go Hankook MT's this go around. I have had them before and they were excellent. Good on pavement, quiet, excellent off road, and I got over 100,000 km on them. But really interested the ko2's, so would love...
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    My ongoing Xterra build thread

    I just love this build. Really inspiring me man. May I ask what tires those are? Also, the headers, Doug thorley? I am on the island for 2 weeks as if Friday. I will keep my eyes out for ya
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    xovrlnd s/c xterra build

    Great stuff man. I got the same rig, you are inspiring me with a few ideas. I have really debates over what tires to get next, please let me know how you like the KO2's
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    New bumper design

    Other than being original, is there a purpose in a one off? There are some excellent bumpers out there, RLC for instance, that will do the job plus some. A one off will likely cost you more money and may have kinks to work out. Unless your building it yourself, I would check into the usual arb...
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    Researching Expedition Rigs

    I have a 2002 xterra, love it. Been a great camping/expedition vehicle. Either the limited slip rear it's pretty capable, and believe it or not there are a ton of after market foodies available. I threw on an RLC winch bumper, winch, lift, roof rack, and a bunch of other stuff. Really enjoyed...
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    Hankoon Dynapro ATM

    Just finishing up a pair now, I wouldn't buy them again. They have been "okay" but not great. For the money I feel I could have done better. I ran a pair of the hankook mud terrains previously, loved them. They lasted twice as long as the AT's and I do I ton of highway driving as well. The mud...
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    Hey man, I was just checking a photo you posted of either an xterra or a pathfinder that had an...

    Hey man, I was just checking a photo you posted of either an xterra or a pathfinder that had an awesome metal cargo barrier. Do you have any specs on that, bought, built? Looks great. Thanks in advance, heath
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    DefconBrix | Bed Storage Solutions | TruckVault + CargoGlide

    Wow! I am green with envy. That is an amazing set up. I am currently looking for a drawer set up for my firearms, and just cant seem to find the right strength/affordability combo. $3000 is well over my budget. My firearms are expensive, and more importantly I would never want them to get into...