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    need to buy a family camping vehicle - Sequoia? F150? Land Cruiser?

    Just spit balling here, but a Yukon/Tahoe would suit your needs perfectly. When my family was just starting out, our first new vehicle was a full size 03 4x4 Yukon. Raised my young family in that thing for 12 trouble free years. You can find great deals on used ones since there are tons of them...
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    Land Cruiser converts, please weigh in on your post-conversion thoughts

    This.. Someone said on a prior post how the G won on quality while the LC won on reliability. To me, quality and reliability go hand in hand. The G is a looker, but I chose a 100(when I had it) just from all the research I did. Never regretted having it. Having sold it was a hard choice for me...
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    Ford Ranger and Bronco Coming back! Crosses fingers

    As soon as a solid front axle came into the conversation, well, it might as well have ended there. Just won't happen. IIRC, there was rumor that even Jeep would end up going with an IFS on the JK. I know loyalists will say no, but that was actually reported multiple times. Whether Jeep does it...
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    From Midland Texas to Salt Lake City Utah

    Great report. Loved our trip to the Grand Canyon. Pics do it no justice. Been to Lake Powell twice. The second time was 2 years ago and level was lower than normal.
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    Expeditionist LX 470 build

    looking great so far.
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    2016 Tacoma

    If I could just get over the looks of it..:(
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    A Different Type of Build

    Lifted Sequoias just look good.. plain and simple.. Very nicely done.. Just don't see enough of them same as with first gen Tundras..
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    My 2001 Pathfinder (R50 ) mild/budget build

    Very nice rig.. great thread..
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    I love seeing first gen tundras getting done right.. Great job..
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    2000, 100 series build

    WOW!! Great job so far..
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    2015 Subaru Outback: The Anti-Wrangler

    Oh and that's not to insult either vehicle. But why try and show weaknesses on one great vehicle to glorify the other? Both are great rides for what they're designed.. shouldn't even be in same discussion..
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    2015 Subaru Outback: The Anti-Wrangler

    Why are the Wrangled and Outback in same convo? Freaking weak....
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    latest pic after getting new rubber and removing mud flaps..
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    2014 Family Road Trip

    Almost same trip we did last year.. was a blast. That crater was impressive. You guys watch the little movie they show there?
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    Latest Photo?

    At Black Bear Pass Telluride Colorado
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    KRP's 2005 4Runner on Vancouver Island

    Welcome and nice rig. You'll love that truck. Not sure what all you are considering to do to your truck but another very popular set up are FJ Cruiser coil springs with 5100 Bilsteins after losing the Xreas. That's the route I took and the ride and look are great. Good luck :)
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    Subaru BRAT "am I crazy"

    That would be a cool little rig..