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    Intrepid Camp Gear roof top tents

    I really like the design, it pretty much solves my complaint with a typical wedge RTT in terms of foot space. Love the huge windows on it.
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    Intrepid Camp Gear roof top tents I'm wondering if anyone else here has ordered through these guys? I purchased a tent, and they already charged my card, but their website is down now, and I have not been able to get them to communicate with me. Thoughts?
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    ### Sold### Ram 2500 go fast camper and accessories.

    Is this for the 6'4" bed length?
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    SOLD - 2020 Ram 2500 PowerWagon Olive Green w/GFC AEVs 37s

    Awesome looking rig. Can you tell me what running boards you have on it?
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    SOLD : Build spot for Super Pacific X1 camper (6/23/2021)

    Do you know the approximate build date?
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    *******SOLD******GFC camper for 6.5’ Tundra

    Can you tell me the distance between the top of the Decked boxes and the lowest point of the opening of the back lid of the GFC? I'm trying to figure out if there's enough height to bolt a fork mount MTB mount in there and still have enough height for the handlebars to clear the cap.
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    Borderland Outpost for Sale $7500 USD

    Looks awesome. Do you have a price?
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    GBlack 2019 F250 build out

    Looks great! Did you notice a big difference in wind noise in the cab after mounting it? Does your truck have active noise cancellation? I was wondering how much an ANC system would mask the noise to the cab.
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    40's vs 37's. What's the reality while daily driving?

    Right, I'll take that into account. But, back to the original question, in terms of day to day driving do folks have an opinion whether 40's just make no sense at all unless I'm planning to do a lot of off road?
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    40's vs 37's. What's the reality while daily driving?

    It's a non-factory XL build using AEV parts