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    '97 NPR build

    I think your statement of getting carried away with the suspension might be a true under statement. But being a rock crawler type guy I understand completely. I prefer diesel mainly because I know how to hot rod them so much better than gas motors. Plus I can run them on waste motor or veggie...
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    '97 NPR build

    That is impressive Tim. I think the gasser motor might be a good choice given todays fuel prices. I'm looking at a 2002 FSR 14' box that I want to build up like yours only I'm going to keep the box and add the bed to the rear. LIke he did here. I like how he kept as much floor space as...
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    2004 isuzu npr 200 sitec 140 engine mods.

    I'd bet the turbo is toast! You aren't getting any boost. And since you say the plumbing is solid & the waste gate is stuck I'd say it's been like that for a while. I think that if it had boost, that waste gate should have hade to operate enough that it wouldn't be stuck. The 4JB2-TC's are so...
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    92 Isuzu Trooper money hole

    That is one Nice Trooper! Been thinking of buying a Trooper like that, and building it with my grand daughter. She loves the adventures I have in my Extreme Rodeo. And she wants to join me in a rig of her own. She's 21 BTY. If you guys are looking for OEM parts and someone with extensive...
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    Rattle can truck bed coating

    I've found that the Bed Liner in a rattle can has to be prepped really well and put on very thick. I use some on my SXS's utility bed and have beat the heck out of it. When It gets scraped I just wash the bed and spray on more. It's a work vehicle and I'm not worried about Mall Crawling Opinions!
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    DIY Winch in a Box.

    I have several winches mounted in the bumpers of my off Road Rigs, and I have a 12,000lb winch mounted on a reciever hitch plate. That is the one that gets more usage than any other. Primarily because it will work with any vehicle I have, as long as it has a reciever hitch on it. I even use it...
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    What do you carry on your bumper?

    Haven't run into many Grizzly Bears in Texas, so no automatic weapons on my bumper. :) But, My Bumper on my Isuzu Rodeo is a lot different than many. When I built the bumper I made it out of 4"x4" square tubing. I ran the mounting plates all the way through it so my recover rings tie to...
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    NPR Build out

    Well, as usual I'm a little late to the party. Really jealous that you've managed to build your dream Expedition Camper. I''m a KLR Guy too, so here's how I transport my bikes. My way is a little different than how you solved the problem. I thought I'd share this to you and others who might...
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    I had a cousin that built a nice looking drill stem pipe framed barn and used garage doors for the walls. It was hard to tell what set raised up and which ones were walls. But talk about insulated! Even his windows were just normal garage door windows. Cleaver guy. Lost him last year to cancer.
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    Looking at buying a 4x4 isuzu rodeo camper

    So let me undertand, you want to put 50 gallons inside a 90's Rodeo then fix it up to Off Road? Are you looking for an Automatic or Manual transmission? I own a 93 Isuzu Rodeo. Help me understand. Are we talking about one of these????? MIne is a 20 speed Marlin Crawler manual transmissions...
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    NPR Build out

    Being a KLR Guy myself let me put this bug in your ear about how to carry your KLR with you. Without putting it in the box. Google "Red Ant Cycle Carrier". I used to work for the Factory back in the early 70's. It's a heck of a cycle carrier that can be mounted higher than normal on your truck...
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    Dual tank setup

    My Hauler is a 2000 Dodge Ram Diesel and I have a 100 gallon tank in the bed that I transfer fuel from. I have it set up to transfer fuel from it to the main 36 gallon tank. I used a 15 minute house light timer to run the fuel pump. This way I know that at an 1/8 tank on the fuel gage will...
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    Gas can kill.

    I stopped carrying fuel cans on the back of my truck years ago. On the Expo trailer, or motorcycle trailer maybe. But not on, in, or on top of my truck. I added larger or extra fuel cells between frame and with skid plates for longer range. 2 fire extinguishers too. Never found 1 to be...
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    Homemade Rear Swing Out Bumper build

    Nice! Beefy, so it should outlast the truck. Now just add a pair of slotted shelf brackets to the back side of the rack so you can bend up some shelf arms and modified them to hook into a 2 burner Coleman Stove. It will give you a dedicated place to cook on and maximize the use of the flat...
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    Fuso FG 6 speed conversion?

    I had all that info dug up some years ago as I was going to build a FSR with a Hot Rodded 6BG1T and a 7 speed manual transmission, and the Spicer 3 speed Ov/ Un box then a divorced transfer case, I had it figured the T case would have been in about the center of my proposed truck. The plan was...
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    A Fuso FG hybrid

    Some years ago (late 80's, early 80's) I was an Investor that gambled on Eaton Hybrid Transmission stock. They initially did well, and I ended up selling my shares at 600% profit. The technology was facinating and being a gearhead I was always looking for the next great mechanical and...
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    Fuso FG 6 speed conversion?

    Here you go. It's a simple gear box that is built very robust. 1st picture is the left side, 2nd; a front view showing the push pull shifter rods on top. Followed 3rd; by the data plate. A cardian joint joins the transmission to the Spicer. Then the drive shaft bolts to the flanges (not on...
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    Fuso FG 6 speed conversion?

    Have you guys considered a brownie box? if your transfer case is divorced you could easily install a Spicer 5831 3 speed aux transmission between the main and T case. They aren't that big, but will require the driveshaft lengths changed. IIRC they are rated for like 16K LBS or more. I have...
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    Motorcycle on back of Expedition truck

    I don't have the pictures in this Computer, but Google "Red Ant Motorcycle Carrier" in the US Patents Web Site. (I did post up pictures of it, during construction, in another thread in this Forum somewhere.) I worked at the factory back in the early 70's making them. For my needs I built a...
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    Fridge Slides

    On my 93 Rodeo I put down a 3/4" plywood floor (the black floor) then bolted a 36 inch heavy duty drawer slide I bought online from cabinet supply company. They are rated at 500 lb capacity. I also built a slide tray ( the oak stained part) to strap my Edge park freezer on. It works well and...