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    Decked system in van?

    DECKED Truck Bed Storage, Tool Boxes & Truck Accessories
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    They probably leave the box white due to risks of darker colors causing the delamination of the foam core panels. This quote from Total Composites is telling: “But we do not recommend changing the white color to anything darker. There would be an increased risk of delamination due to higher...
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    Advanced RV just raised the bar!

    It is not a Kelderman system. Advanced RV installs VB Airsuspension systems on all their builds.
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    Transit swivels, again?

    Yes - with an after market swivel kit. Details of several installations are on the Transit USA forum.
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    Advanced RV just raised the bar!

    Here is another story about the Advanced RV with more photos and discussion on pricing. Median cost of ARV builds is $380.
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    sprinter vans

    If you are referring to a Sprinter van the 4x4 is only offered with the OM642 V-6 diesel engine. The delays in 2020 Sprinter models was largely due to emissions certification delays. There has been no indication yet that Mercedes will offer the 4x4 with any other engine in USA as they do in...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    Actually he doesn't turn 20 until July. . . from his web page: "Christopher Polvoorde was born on July 28th, 2000 and raised in the Racing mecca of Southern, CA. From a young age, Christopher had an adventurous spirit and a passion for the outdoors and racing."
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    Disturbing News 😱😱😱 for You Sprinter Buyers and Upfitters

    Don't know where you get your information, but the California CARB just certified the 2020 Sprinter V-6 diesel last week, March 4th. It still going to be awhile before the 2020 Sprinters are released.
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    Sliding Solar Panel Rack Systems

    The most interesting DIY solar sliders I've seen on an Expedition vehicle are by forum member Overlanders. Their YouTube channel is great.
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    Sliding Solar Panel Rack Systems

    Agree - DIY solutions are numerous. For me a kit that I can assemble is very helpful and still has a significant DIY component to get sliders and solar panels installed.
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    Sliding Solar Panel Rack Systems

    A new product coming from Orion Design to add sliding solar panels to your van. Saw it on the Sprinter-Source Forum. Looks like a good way to get more solar on a crowded van or expedition camper roof.
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    Need help understanding the different Transit 4x4 conversions: Quiggley, Sportsmobile, QuadVan

    ... and Quigley is only doing 4x4 conversions on new untitled Transits purchased through a dealer. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk