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    FWC camper mattress upgrade

    To make the FWC mattress more comfortable and to deter condensation, I keep a Thermarest-style inflatable, insulated backpacker's mattress permanently under the FWC mattress. Before lowering the roof, I open the valve to deflate the thermarest. After raising the roof, I open the valve to inflate...
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    Tommy Campers

    Andrew St. Pierre White is fitting out a Tommy Camper. Details are on his Overlandx4 YT channel. And his initial build was overweight, requiring a re-think as to slimming it down.
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    Leveling a camper for a propane fridge

    I don't level my rig with any hi tech equipment except my eyes. We experienced campers develop calibrated eyeballs... :-)
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    Front-Mounted Spare Tire Carrier?

    With regard to a one-ton truck, I am considering placement of the spare tire on a front-mounted spare tire carrier. 1. Would this placement interfere with the radiator's cooling capacity? 2. What brand of carrier is best in terms of being wobble-free and other features? 3. Are there any legal...
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    New 6.6 Liter Engine in GMC Trucks?

    I spoke to a GMC sales agent today, and he says the factory stopped making the 2019 model several months ago. He says the 2019s are hard to find in the dealers' lots at the present time.
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    New 6.6 Liter Engine in GMC Trucks?

    Beginning with the 2020 models, gas powered GMC one-ton trucks will have a new engine, a 6.6 Liter V-8. Have there been any problems/complaints regarding this new engine? I am thinking of getting a 2020 Sierra, but I am wary of buying any vehicle with new, untested engines.
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    Store Spare Tire in P/U Cab?

    Can I store a spare tire in the cab of my pickup truck? I am having an aluminim flatbed designed to carry an Alaskan Camper. The designer says the spare will not fit under the flatbed. After removing the back seat of the P/U (I am thinking of getting a new Chevy Silverado 3500 4x4 or a F-350...
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    Action Packer Alternative

    As a low-cost alternative, to deter mice I pack foods in rectangular and round metal boxes, the kind Danish Christmas cookies come in. Used ones can be bought for $1-2 in thrift stores. I think metal boxes are superior for this task, as mice can eventually chew through just about anything except...
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    FOR SALE: 2018 FWC Grandby

    For Sale: 2018 front dinette FWC Grandby in pristine condition. Price: $23,000 firm Location: Quartzsite, AZ Features: Douglas fir interior, white exterior 2-way isotherm 65 liter fridge/freezer Brown upholstery 2 100-watt Indynation portable solar panels P30L PWM Windynation controller...
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    Grand Canyon, South to North

    Superb report. To avoid crowds and to enjoy some excellent hiking, including Anasazi ruins, a future trip you might consider is the Navajo National Monument near the Four Corners area.
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    MAXTRAX MKII - The Ultimate Traction & Recovery Device

    Luv my Maxtrax! Eleven days ago I used them 2 help a guy get unstuck at South Jetty in Florence, OR. In the process, I got stuck myself, so Maxtrax came 2 the rescue twice in one day.