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  1. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    Thanks for the complement Aaron. I can't really comment on the power with the 33s vs the 31s. I put the 33s on within a few days of owning the truck, so i never had much of a chance to drive it with the 31s. Coming from my 4.7 WJ, everything felt under-powered. I never really expected it to...
  2. VanHans

    CB Antenna - Where + how to mount it...?

    I used a FireStik door jam mount with a FireRing cable, an HD spring and a 4' FireStik II. Mounted between the rear pillar and the hatch just above the top hinge. Link in my sig has a few more pictures.
  3. VanHans

    Eurosonic's Montero 2.5Gen Build Thread

    Very nicely done. I have to admit I was skeptical when I saw you start this, but have been following the progress with growing interest. And now seeing the finished result, very impressed.
  4. VanHans

    tire time here soon

    Are you running the stock wheels? I think the 12.5's fit the truck (I'm running 10.5's, so no real experience), but the 12.5's are probably going to be too wide for the stock wheels.
  5. VanHans

    Seat Covers Recommendations Gen II Monty?

    The Cabela's covers look like a good fit. I may need pick a couple of those up. (Any excuse to go wander around Cabela's) On a related note, has anyone found a good option for a middle row seat cover?
  6. VanHans

    Winch mount options

    I'm exploring ideas for mounting a winch on the Montero. I'll start by saying I want an ARB, but $$$$, and I've read that a Montero specific ARB may be hard to come across. I know some on here have either modded an ARB or other aftermarket bumpers from another rig to fit the Montero, or modded...
  7. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    CB radio I assume.
  8. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    Thanks for the complements everyone. We are real happy with the truck and how it's coming together. Can't wait to load it up and get out and use it. We've made quite a few local road trips in it, and it has quickly replaced the van as out go to weekend family wagon, even for quick trips. We...
  9. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    Next up was the roof rack. I had pulled the Yakima LoadWarrior off my WJ when it was totaled, and wanted to mount it to the Montero. I dug through the garage, and came across a set of Surco gutter mounts I had picked up for another vehicle and never got around to using. I liked the way the...
  10. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    Got a few things done on the Montero this weekend. With six of us riding in the truck, storage was a major concern. I came across this cargo net and decided to give it a try. The net comes with four of these "buttons" to attach the net to. Quick pilot hole through the trim and into the...
  11. VanHans

    hello out there

    I just put 33 10.5s on my '95 SR with no lift. Fit is perfect and no rubbing. You can click in my sig for pictures. I would also be very interested in seeing pics of your winch mount. I'm starting to explore options for a winch on mine.
  12. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    Yeah, no rubbing at all. I haven't had the truck off road yet, but from what I've seen, It shouldn't be a problem.
  13. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    My old tires were 265/70-15, so about 30" (although mine were so bald, they looked like they were probably closer to 29"). I assume that was the stock size. I never checked. I was planning the 33x10.5s from the beginning. They didn't say anything about the size. I was a little surprised...
  14. VanHans

    My Raider was vandalized, PICS, value/insurance assistance needed

    I just got done dealing with the insurance company over my totaled Jeep WJ. My one word of advise: Receipts. The more you have, the better off you are. They may not be required and you might be able to get a "fair" value without them, but they sure do make the fight a lot easier. That said...
  15. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    New tires Whoo Hoo!! New tires are on!! 33x10.5-15 BFG ATs Stopped on the way home to grab a couple quick poser shots. Here's my fav: (Also shows off the running board and roof rack deletes.) It's setting a little more nose down than I'd like, so I'll probably be adjusting the front...
  16. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    The new truck seems to be a hit!! Over the holiday weekend, we made a couple trips to the Portland area. Thursday, we headed to my wife's younger brother's place to celebrate the 4th with friends. We then headed back to Portland to spend Saturday at her parent's house visiting her older...
  17. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    Thanks everyone. TheAntiChrome and WorldTraveler - I live in Salem/Keizer and work in McMinnville. I have family in Albany and my wife's family is in the Portland area, so we're up there pretty often.
  18. VanHans

    where to get an ARB for my 94 SR

    I'm trying to gather information for my 95 SR. Do you happen to have a part number for the bumper? I've found a couple of part numbers, and I'm not sure what the difference is. Also, did you only need to mod the frame or were any changes needed on the bumper?
  19. VanHans

    VanHans' 95 Montero SR

    Hello Portal! Long time lurker/member under a different user name. Decided it was finally time to poke my head out share what I'm up to. After enjoying our '02 Jeep WJ for a little over 5 years, Mrs. VanHans and I recently and suddenly found ourselves looking for a replacement adventure...