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    2016 Z71 Suburban

    OP, have you figured anything out? I have a 2016 Tahoe that I'm considering a few modification on but I haven't got very far.
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    Suburban/Tahoe(and GMC) pic/build thread

    Anyone building a 2015+ in here? I have a Tahoe from work that my boss doesn't mind me modifying and I'm contemplating if I should put the effort in. Coming from a Tacoma and Jeeps, the aftermarket is tough for these
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    Need opinions on Tacoma

    I sold my 06 Sport DCSB for $11,500 a year ago and it had 235k miles. I had a few desirable mods but I think I could have got $10k even without them... They seem to sell for a little more in my area though. Mine also had a frame replacement a few months before I sold it. I was surprised at other...
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    1987 Toyota 4Runner SR5 - IMMACULATE

    Definitely worthy of a BaT auction. Awesome 4runner!
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    My New 2005 LL Bean Outback Adventure Rig

    That's the problem for me, my Tacoma is a double cab and it doesn't have anything wrong with it. Getting up there in miles at 212K but it's in great shape. I'm actually looking at 100 series LCs as well and this is most likely the route I will go but I have always likes that generation of...
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    My New 2005 LL Bean Outback Adventure Rig

    Nice Outback! Love that color I'm actually in a similar position, I have a Tacoma that I'm making payments on but I have enough equity that I could sell it and buy something cheaper for cash. It kills me to even think about selling my Taco but it seems to make financial sense with student loan...
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    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    I"m not positive ho it's done on the Subies but you can also drop the diffs a little bit to compensate for CV angles
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    Tacoma aftermarket UCAs

    I have the light racing arms and they've been great so far. I do have a bit of a squishy sound up front but I haven't had the time to track it down yet... Could be from the lower bushings but not sure. I believe they had a design change a few years back because of the failure that you're talking...
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    Help With WK Tire Sizing?

    What is the backspacing of the wheels you're getting? That will play a role in wether you need spacers or not. The 295 might be too wide and you need either the wheel or spacers to push it out further
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    2016 Colorado Diesel

    2016 Tacoma will still offer a 6 speed MT but unfortunately not available on the long beds. I'm excited about the diesel, just hope Toyota will follow suit one day
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    Denver, CO Auction - (4) Ford E-350 Shuttle Buses - Quigley 4x4 Conversion

    I stumbled upon these on an Auction site that I check frequently. Looks like a perfect platform to a conversion and if I had extra money and space I would try to grab one. Thought I would post up the link here. Looks like there is one 6.8L V10 and a few 5.4L V8's... Item #77 to 80. Auction ends...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Wow! love the LC wheels on the 4runner. I also really like the WJ in the second pic... Have a bit of a soft spot for those since I owned one for a while
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    Das Bus

    I need to see more of this build. So Awesome!
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    CONFIRMED! Reliable sources state 2014 will be the last FJC Model year

    :Wow1: That is a ridiculous amount of power gain just from changing to higher octane fuel
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    CONFIRMED! Reliable sources state 2014 will be the last FJC Model year

    Hello everyone, new guy here. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the 2nd Gen tacoma have the same engine as the 4runner and FJC? 4.0 V6 I have a 2006 and I think it has plenty of power and torque. I'm loving this truck too bad about the direction SUV's are going these days, although I used to...