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    Recommendation for a <$200 camp BBQ?

    yes it has a heavy steel diffuser plate . honestly I use the grates with lump charcoal more than the propane. with the hood it makes a great little smoker.
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    Recommendation for a <$200 camp BBQ?

    i love mine, get the middle rack if you buy this as it gives the ability to use charcoal closer to the top grate. best money I ever spent on a grill
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    Call me crazy...1994 Disco 1

    that's a nice d1. im kinda partial tho ( I own 3 )
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    Cast iron question and Potjie vs Dutch oven

    I tried it before. the seasoning is brittle and flakes off into the food. I would only recommend it for a collectors piece that hangs on a wall.
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    Canvas replacement on a Coleman Colorado?

    go to popup portal . everything you need to know about popups is there. good luck
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    Converting motorcycle camper trailer in expo trailer

    I plan on lifting this one for more off road . its already a spring over so I will prob just use blocks to gain room for new hubs,rims and tires. its a 1985 aussie cub kamparoo. the lid flips open and the roof and rack support the changing room floor.
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    FS: ARB 2500x2500 Awning and ARB Awning Room SE NY

    of the one your selling
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    1996 Land Rover Discovery XD Eco-Challenge build

    good job so far. I remember the crap storm surrounding this truck. if that was a actual divorce someone woulda ended up dead. lol
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    Overland Expo: Cool Ride Contest

    sorry Doug nemo has my vote. that is one awesome rig.
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    Harbor freight offroad trailer, build log move, new tow vehicle.

    15 mpg is about as good as it gets with a disco ( I own 2 d1's and a parts rig ) its basically a 5000 lb brick.
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    Who Still uses cast iron while traveling?

    all I use is cast iron 100% of the time. I also collect it. at last count between me and my girlfriend we had well over 250 pcs. ( pots,pans,dutch ovens, waffle irons even bundt pans ) all 70 to over 100 yrs old.