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    clearance height

    Haven't built anything yet, but for me the magic number looks like it's 9 feet or less. That seems to be the most common height for any sort of drive thru (bank, fast food, etc). Im also located in OR but parking garages aren't really a concern for me
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    Softopper at high speeds

    Mine is still new but had truck at 95 for a few short runs without any noticeable damage. Couldn't see it rippling in the mirror or deflecting too badly. Can't speak for sustained high speed long term though. Theoretically a steep head wind at high way speed would have the same effect wouldn't...
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    How good can a full-size solid axle suspension be?

    Did you ever make any progress on this? Seemed like the possibility of the bronco coil swap looked like the most off the shelf possibility for some springs
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    2019 F350 6.2L 4WD build thread; HPI flatbed, ATO AterraXL composite camper, Carli/King, 37s, 4.88s, etc

    Saw you found tires but figured I'd leave the link to another newer option anyway. Kanati sells the Commandant ATX in a 37x12.5-17 12 ply with a 4k load rating Build looks to be coming along great though. What part of Oregon are you...
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    2nd gen Tacoma Sport for deep snow

    Seems surprising 20" of snow was enough to get you stuck if it was fresh powder Generally airing down and/larger more aggressive tires is the easiest and most effective. Chaining up the front can be a crap shoot because even if a spacer allows you to clear the suspension it might put you into...
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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    Highest I've seen was 31.5, regularly average 28-30. Ahh you're right. I dont see many of the ex cab zr2 around here. Primarily the full 4 door. Thanks for the correction. Yea that makes sense. The modern emissions system dont do very well if they don't get up to temp. And if you're not...
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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    Personally own a 19 colorado with the diesel engine in it. So take that bias as you will. Had an early 2000s rangers and loved that truck. Left it stock and had very few issues. The new rangers remind me of a Holden or some other Australian truck. Not sure why but they never grew on me. I...