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    2015 Ram 6.7 3500 Custom Camper, located in ID

    Really love this build, if sale fall through, please message me. With the buildout you have done what is the towing capacity? Any problem with towing a jeep or car trailer with a jeep? Thanks
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    Aussie Swag tent trailer $5000

    I will tell you this, the wife and I like this trailer so much we were trying to justify keeping it last night. Our new trailer is amazing but there is something about a lite, easy, no frills set up like this. When I found this in Colorado from a member on here, we made a 14 hour drive the next...
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    Aussie Swag tent trailer $5000

    Still looking for a home.
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    Aussie Swag tent trailer $5000

    Thanks, I guarantee that someone will be happy. My wife loved it and the comfort that it gives. We have made many trips to Baja in it and it does very good offroad. The only thing I would add is a diesel heater but the little buddy worked just fine. The pun should stay for sure. Thanks for posting.
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    My Journey

    I was just going to say the same thing as jbnum, both good movies..
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    Aussie Swag tent trailer $5000

    I posted this last year and then the wildfires broke out near us, and we had to evacuate so I let the posting go because I didn't have time to deal with it. I'm bumping it back up and dropped the price to 5k from 6k, listed for more on CL because, well it's Craigslist and a pain to deal with the...
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    Planning my Baja Trip -- looking for advice

    Join Baja Nomad and look at all of DavidK'S maps and posts for all that you need to know. Auga Verdi is on my list to visit. Any or the spots along the seven sisters on the Pacific side is amazing. Bay of LA, La Gringa beach at the North end of town, nice bay and free camping..
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    What is the weight of the T-3, packed and ready to tow? Dave has been very helpful as well as Andy back in AU, ours is a 2014 Karavan.
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    off-road trailers

    LOL, on this site! I found one that was the original owner in Idaho. I would contact David @ KK USA in Ohio, he is very helpful and will know if anything is up for sale. I know he had a line on one last month.
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    off-road trailers

    I picked up a used Kimberley Karavan and would do it again in a second! I looked at all of the US stuff and nothing is close in build quality or ability off road! No they aren't cheap but worth the money. Set up takes under ten minutes and about as fast to close up and go. Pulls like a dream and...
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    WTB ARB fridge charge cable

    FYI, I called ARB to buy a replacement and customer service sent me a new one free of charge? It was a couple of years ago and they change the design, so they upgraded me for free. Amazing service...
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    Boat looks amazing but I would have to agree that I'm just not a boat person either. I prefer to be planted on land and move as I like, you can do the same on a boat on a smaller scale I guess? Living on the ocean would not be my thing either, to each their own.
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    Aussie Swag tent trailer $5000

    We have upgraded to a Kimberley Karavan so our beloved Aussie camper must go. She's comes in at only 1300 pounds, you could probably tow it with a Prius ( no guarantee on that claim )! I have towed this with my Polaris SXS several time without a problem. This is a canvas clamshell style camper...
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    Thanks for the info, I will join for sure.
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    Quick intro, we just bought a Karavan from Steve and Cathy, some of you may know them? We look forward to meeting other owners. New owners....
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    Australian off-road trailer - Kimberley Karavan 2014 Limited Edition - $62,500

    We are the proud new owners of the Kimberly Karavan above. What a wonderful couple to buy an amazing trailer from. She is well outfitted and cared for. Can't wait to post some trip reports on this forum about the travels with our new trailer, thanks Steve and Cathy...
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    Overkill Campers

    Always nice to get both sides of the story and nice to get a little history and background on your company. Well worth taking the time to read the entire post, lots of passion and information was contained from with in! I for one look forward to visiting your business and having a look around...
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    Hourless Life: Documenting Our Global Overland Adventure

    You are giving your child so much more then an education could and I agree with your thinking. He will have a much better understanding of the world and it's people, how to interact and communicate with others. Don't for a minute let others make you feel bad about what you are doing, most of...