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    To the top! Price reduced.
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    SOLD. Please delete this thread.
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    SOLD: 2019 FWC Swift

    As a fellow ranger owner, could you share how the FWC is attached to the truck? Thanks!
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Is there a link for a non-FB user?
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Bump! How's diesel life? Any word on if the Tundra lives again?
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    Anyone running Stealth F5 wheels on a 2nd gen Taco?

    I use to own a 2013 Access Cab Tacoma. Had the F5's with 3.5'' BS with 255/85/16 KM2's. They were a great fit and barely rubbed on the bottom of the plastic fender flare (a quick dremel fixed the issue). No issue with frame rub. Not...
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    03 Tundra (Re)Build

    Awesome! We have the same truck, bumper, and brand suspension. What bracket did you use to mount your CB antenna?
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Do you happen to know the part number for those springs? I need to upgrade to 700 lbs as well, but am trying to avoid the $250+ expense from Icon to do so... Thanks!
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Awesome truck! What's the plan for it? Tow rig for another Toy down the line?
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    How's the POR-15 holding up? How'd you prep the frame before painting? Did you use the POR 'Top Coat'? I'm currently about to do the same thing!
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    TundraBirds Go! Picture Thread for Tundras and T-100s

    Sold a '13 access cab Tacoma and picked up an '01 Tundra with under 100k!
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    For what it's worth: Having run both the KM2 (255/85), KO (265/75), and Duratrac (285,75) I cannot express enough how well Duratracs are in the snow/ice compared to the KO or KM2. I've run BFG's for years, and was skeptical about the Duratrac, but they exceeded my expectations. In the winter...
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    When you want to get rid of those duratracs... let me know!
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Stoked to see your rig going LT! Let me know if you need an extra hand during the install.
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Dude! Awesome! Feel free to give me a shout if you want some help working on it!!
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    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Love the look of that exhaust. What's the part number on the Magnaflow system? Did it come with the resonator, or did you add it separately?
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    Switcheroo - 1 Bored Clerk's 2013 Tacoma Build

    Nice details on the fridge mount. One recommendation: It's very easy to remove the rear headrests. As a fellow AC owner, it's the first thing I did to help open up the cab a little more. Cheers. EDIT: Saw you already did it on the passenger side! My bad.
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Heck yeah Sean, looks great.
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    OME vs ICON / Radflo

    Ran OME on a 07 RC Tacoma for 100k with no problems. Now with an '13 AC Tacoma: OME Front (LR UCA) and Dakar's in the back (with Icon 2.5 Rem Res. shocks). The set-up is great, but the rear definitely out performs the front. In the future, I may run a fancy high performing C/O in the summer...