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    The best camping pillow I've found...

    I have a lightspeed pillow which is nice but I also pick up a Klymit Luxe which is my preferred pillow now.
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    Any cheapo welder reviews/experience?

    I started with a Northern tool 110V flux core welder and just stepped up to a 220V MIG from Yeswelder based on a recommendation from a welding instructor. They also sell a TIG/Stick/Plasma cutter machine that I'm looking at.
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    Truck Camper that Sleeps 4?

    You might look at Scout truck campers. They offer a Rooftop tent option that allows you to access it from the inside. The camper is made from composite materials and so is lighter than a lot of other options. We are considering going that route and would have the kid sleep in the rooftop tent.
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    FS: NuCamp Cirrus 820 Truck Camper

    Where is this located at?
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    Chevy 2500 HD Sags to One Side with Camper

    You can look into airbags. They're pretty easy to install, I put a set on my 2008 Silverado 3500. Might decrease your rear articulation some but on the other hand you probably aren't rock crawling so it probably won't make a huge difference.
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    4 season off-road trailer

    The tandem axle will feel much more stable compared to a single axle of the same size.
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    3/4 Ton GM Steering/Suspension Refresh

    I had used tie rod sleeves previously on my 3500. With road grime and salt the sleeve essentially fused themselves to the tie rods. I now run Kryptonite tie rod. I went ahead and did the whole kit. Cranking up the torsion bars can give a harsher ride and be hard on ball joints. For lifting it a...
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    Official Test Results: Five Ways to Heat a Tent

    I met a guy at Expo East a few years ago that was running one of those diesle heaters (not sure what brand) in his homemade trailer. He said that it worked great to heat it up but he would run a CO2 detector. His had a separate diesel tank and so he had to get creative with the tank location so...
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    Ways to Keep Warm in Your RTT

    You should read this thread. (106) Official Test Results: Five Ways to Heat a Tent | Expedition Portal Oh and we use a Buddy Heater to take the chill out when changing clothes and such but don't leave it running all the time.
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    Soft shell that can fit bedding when closed?

    I have the 23Zero Bundaberg and leave our sleeping bags in it when we close it. No issues so far.
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    Would have to search but there was someone on here that cut into the bottom of their tent to access from a a hole they cut into their truck cap so that they could be contained inside the truck bed if there was bad weather.
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    Screen house for camping

    We also have the Gazelle. Bought it at Expo a couple of years ago. It's kind of long but sets up quickly.
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    two person sleeping bag

    We just zip 2 regular sleeping bags together which is about queen size. We're both warm sleepers though so we tend to end up on top of the sleeping bags and just have a sheet on. For pillows we have Klymit Luxe pillows which I find quite comfy and you can inflate to your desired firmness. Costco...
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    2017 E450 Motorhome 4x4 swap

    Following along to see your build. I have an E350 Motorhome and was contemplating if this would be worth it or not.
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    Foldable/Inflatable Boats?

    We have a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak and also a SUP. They work well and have had them for a couple of years. Sea Eagle will have sales from time to time and that is when we picked up ours for a decent price. I have also heard good things about Advanced Elements.
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    I thought cussing was required when working on a vehicle. Those look nice. My Silverado has the shock mounts on the bottom also. Not sure why that is where GM puts those.
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    We still have the trailer. I need to fix some tears in the canvas though. It is nice but sometimes I think that a decent tent is an easier set-up.
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    Hey, It's been a long time. The ZR2 looks awesome.
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    hitch bike rack wobble

    Does your bike rack have a mechanism to fold up or down? We have some wobble from the hitch on our bike carrier but most of it comes from the mechanism that allows it to fold. We have the Swagman Semi 2.0.
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    Easy-up alternative.

    We have a Gazelle Gazebo that we really like. Packed up its still fairly long but the set-up is fast and staked out its pretty solid.