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  1. compactcamping

    Overboard Dinoot Build

    Mike, Happy to hear it!
  2. compactcamping

    Overboard Dinoot Build

    Mike, Great example of an Dinoot Jeep Trailer! Love all the custom touches.
  3. compactcamping

    Let see your Lego Overlanders

    That's too far back to remember my first one 😞
  4. compactcamping

    Let see your Lego Overlanders

    Thanks for sharing
  5. compactcamping

    Let see your Lego Overlanders

    Cool, remember the Amazon Crossing set from way back
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    Let see your Lego Overlanders

    Breathing some air back into this one ... Since my first car a ’67 convertible Mustang and someone in our neighborhood around the same time having a 4WD ’68 Mustang coupe, I have thought about building a four wheel drive Mustang on and off. So finally taking a step in that direction with...
  7. compactcamping

    Can I fit a RTT on my expedition trailer?

    Eddie, Sorry did notice your post before. For a 56" wide RTTs we set crossbars 36-42" apart. For 72" wide RTTs we go with 3 cross bars. On your Dinoot, I believe the original owner added some steel framework on the sides. If so, that could be used for repositioning the crossbars
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    Exterior wood finishes

    Yes, pros and cons to both. After many years of Tent Topped camping, I'm working on some idea for maybe doing a sleep-in camper.
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    Exterior wood finishes

    Haven't done any sleep-in, but built lots of plywood trailer boxes. My go to coating is Durabak roll-on bed liner. Adheres great to plywood. Have used it for many year with no problems. Here is a thread I wrote on another forum about a six year in the weather test I did on a Durabak Coated...
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    Dexter axles easily replaceable (swapping lug patterns)

    If it is a 3500 lb axle, can upgrade the 5 on 4.5 hubs to new 5 on 5 hubs. If you are running factory aluminum Jeep wheels, will have to run spacers because the center holes are too small for fitting over the axle hub.
  11. compactcamping

    An RTT mounted on top of camper shell with crawl thru entry from inside shell?

    I was thinking about something similar the other day after looking at a VW van pic with a RTT and slide back roof. On the canopy make a crawl thru hole with a removable cover. Then use a cover entry style roof top tent so the covered entry goes over the crawl thru hole when opened.
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    Suzuki Owners; Let's see your ExPo Trucks

    Reintroducing my Tracker (photobucket has blocked all my old pics), it is a 2000 with 2.0L 4cyl & 5spd. Has 2" lift and 235/15" tires. The diffs have been swapped with '96 Sport 5.12 units, for the better gearing and to get rid of the vacuum operated front diff / add manual hubs. Great rig...
  13. compactcamping

    My offroad 5x8 Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion

    Thanks for the kind words. Look forward to seeing how the No Weld Towers get installed.
  14. compactcamping

    Roof rack for teardrop RTT

    Here is the Towers RedM101A2 was referring too.
  15. compactcamping

    Anyone know what trailer this is?

    Definitely a Fleetwood Neon, do a search, believe there are a couple of Neon builds on here
  16. compactcamping

    Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!

    Your Dinoot came out great! Perfect size and weight for behind your Crosstrek
  17. compactcamping

    RTTs on trailers

    Pair of fold down, friction style rear stabilizer jack and a tongue jack work fine for leveling and is very stable.
  18. compactcamping

    Trailer Supported Adventuring Article in OutdoorX4: My Dinoot Trailers

    Great article, Thanks! Nice to see it highlighting the Dinoot smaller, lightweight, budget-friendly adventure trailer approach.
  19. compactcamping

    Bolt-together fiberglass Jeep-tub trailer kit

    Thanks to Andy and OutdoorX4 for a great article!
  20. compactcamping

    New to me 2003 Chevy Tracker (rebadged Suzuki Vitara) Need input

    On my 2000 Tracker, 2.0L/5spd, I run 235/15 Duratraks on the factory 5.5" aluminum wheels. Needs 1" hub spacers to keep from rubbing. On my previous 1992 Sidekick 15x7 aftermarket steel wheels with 235/15s cleared fine. Both rigs had 2" lifts. Mine has front and rear 3rd members from a 1996...