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    SOLD !!1983 Pinzgauer 712K Overlander 45K in Texas

    Wonderful Truck. Looks like a bargain.
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    ** SOLD ** FOR SALE: 2015 EarthCruiser FX

    Congratulations! Hopefully another happy EC owner.
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    WTB Earthcruiser or similar

    No hotel can give you the views we've enjoyed! ;)
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    WTB Earthcruiser or similar

    We have a 2016 Earthcruiser FX we would be interested in selling. It is located in central Washington. PM me if interested.
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    Wanted: 4x4 RV or Xplorer Type Rig

    How do I start a PM here with you about this?
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    SOLD!! - 2016 Earthcruiser FX

    Bump from a fellow 2016 FX owner!
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    FWIW, we financed our FX through Navy Fed. It's classified as a personal loan with the vehicle as collateral. You need an appraisal of the vehicle to qualify.
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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    I am/was going to add larger fuel tanks, relocate the batteries and just basically check all the systems. It's a very capable machine. Asking price would be $29,000+.
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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    I'm the new owner! I have just started a full resto but would consider an offer... I'm in Washington state
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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    The towing question was one I was also gonna ask about...?
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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    Thank you. I’m hoping to put that expression on a female I know! I have driven one Pinz before briefly to confirm that this is my dream vehicle. It was gone before I could get to it. Could you text your email to me at 509-750-1160 please?
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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    Do you have any other pictures of it you can post? I’m working on the missus. 👍
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    Pinzgauer 712 M for SALE

    Really clean looking. Why are you selling it?