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  1. Bullseye240

    4WD or Not?

    Because in the situation I'm using 2WD low there is no need at all for 4WD, not for traction or for reducing track damage. I'm simply using it to slow down and enjoy the woods as they pass by. The road isn't steep, rough, or even muddy, as for any load, putting it in 2WD low already lowers any...
  2. Bullseye240

    4WD or Not?

    This thread reminds me of why I love my Rubicrawler in my LJ. Two transfer case levers for the following gears: 2WD high, 2WD low (2.72:1), 4WD high, 4WD low (2.72:1), 4WD Rubicon low (4.0:1), and 4WD double low (10.88:1) for when climbing trees seems like a good idea. 2WD low is the ideal gear...
  3. Bullseye240

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Most people have no idea that their headlights are adjustable and that if they are properly aimed that alone will improve headlight performance to the point they may think twice about simply replacing their stock lights. I still run sealed beams on my LJ for that reason and the fact that so far...
  4. Bullseye240

    Drivedshaft swap and pinion angle adjustment

    What type of driveshaft did you replace it with? A stock style or a double cardan style. If it is a double cardan then you need to have the pinion pointing directly at the output of the transfercase. With a single u-joint on each end the output angle needs to cancel the input angle.
  5. Bullseye240

    How would you setup a full size tablet/Gps uint in this interior?

    Start looking here: They probably at one point made specific mounts for the XJ due to its popularity with government agencies but have likely since discontinued them due to age. You might find some used somewhere at some gov-resale sights or fleabay with some diligent...
  6. Bullseye240

    SEMA 2021 - Jeep Wrangler Overlook Concept

    I care now because right now you can't buy any other two door, body on frame, straight axle SUV's because the very thing I described is exactly what happened to those vehicles. They were purchased by people who did nothing but complain about how they rode like trucks and didn't handle like cars...
  7. Bullseye240

    SEMA 2021 - Jeep Wrangler Overlook Concept

    If it does get made it will only be because it has the third row of seats. No other reason. They won't even make it an option to get it with the third row deleted. Heck you'll be lucky if it's removable without tools. Then after a while it will they'll stop selling two door versions because they...
  8. Bullseye240

    Retro Wrangler inspired JKU build

    Don't listen to this fool, as you said you plan on exploring places with this so that makes this the perfect place to have this project. Keep posting updates. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  9. Bullseye240

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Link still doesn't work.
  10. Bullseye240

    Jeep gives Wrangler 1.5" lift, 35" tires and 4.88 gears..

    I love my 06 LJ Rubicon but the 4:1 low range is too low for anything but rock crawling. Then again that is what the package was designed for, hence the name. I fixed that problem for myself by adding in the Rubicrawler from Advance Adapters. This gave me another set of gears to play with all...
  11. Bullseye240

    Easter Jeep Concepts: The Wayout

    My problem with this truck is that it has twice as many doors as I want or need on a truck. People buy trucks to drive like they are cars is why you can't buy an actual work truck anymore.
  12. Bullseye240

    JTRUK an option for those wanting less than a four door Jeep truck

    GR8Tops released its new JTRUK conversion for the JK and it has me thinking that a JKUR isn't such a bad thing anymore. I have no use for a Jeep with more than two doors on the sides and the fact that this is done with out any major frame surgery is a win in my book...
  13. Bullseye240

    1980 CJ7 build

    "I looked inside, and sure enough, without getting the pin out, I don't see how I can get the "c" clips out to remove the axles..." You won't get them out without removing the pin, that's the point of the pin. Only thing I can think of is to remove the ring gear from the carrier and slide it to...
  14. Bullseye240

    1990 Comanche Build - The Wilderbeest

    Hard to say since he included the actual web address to where he got them in the post...........
  15. Bullseye240

    Climateright - Buyer Beware

    And this is an old wives tale and if you understood how these systems work you would know this.. No refrigeration system, to include the AC in your car which moves and bounces around, works this way.
  16. Bullseye240

    Expo LJR Update

    I believe he simply means that he would like it to start off, drive/handle and stop as though it were still stock while having been modified to preform better off road as well.
  17. Bullseye240

    Rubicon or Sahara

    Yep, everything you said about the stock Rubicon transfer case is correct but Advance Adapters fixes that with this: Installed one in my LJR and love it as it gives you so many options, 2WD, 2WD low, 4WD, 4WD 2.73:1 low, 4WD 4:1 low and...
  18. Bullseye240

    Jeep Gladiator #2 with ALU CAB.

    The shape of the rear door is that way to keep cost down, both for FCA and Gladiator owners should they need to replace the door. Jeep didn't feel the expense of creating a specific door for the back of the Gladiator was necessary and this way should the owner need to replace the door they can...
  19. Bullseye240

    Lunchbox lockers!

    A simple fix for that smell I stumbled upon by accident, use hunting scent removing soap and it actually gets rid of that smell.
  20. Bullseye240

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    If only you had said LJ...... oh well.