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  1. DoKarider16

    1949 International/Jeep Wrangler Rock Crawling & Overland Build

    Great thread and AWESOME project! I have a 51 Chevy 5 window flat bed with all 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee running gear, 2wd though. Want to do something like this with it. So many cool ideas.
  2. DoKarider16

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    My 67 NADA 109 and our 2006 Tonga Green L322.
  3. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    It cruises very comfortably at 70-80 even in hilly terrain. When you get to full on mountain passes it will slow to 50-55 on the steeper sections. Freeway cruising is one of the real forte's of this vehicle. The driving position is very comfortable and the engine just rumbles along on the...
  4. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    It is an amazing rig. I have had a ton of different vehicles and this one has been one of our all time favorites. We moved on to a 4x4 Sprinter for our camping rig and a 06 Range Rover for our "trail" rig. I can't keep this also, but wish I could. It also has a 130 amp Disco 2 Alternator and a...
  5. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    Pictures of some of the only rust on rig. The passenger side footwell has been repaired at some point. I will see if I can get a picture of it, but it has not really been an issue. I poked around in these corners with a sharp pick and they seem really solid. Just surface rust. I will shoot...
  6. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    Doug Shipman at Ship's Mechanical in Portland OR did the conversion. I was told it was actually his personal truck for a while and then he sold it to a friend of mine. There is very little rust. It looks like the passenger side floor had been repaired at one point, but it has held up well. The...
  7. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    A few more pictures and the truck is located in South Central WA state in White Salmon.
  8. DoKarider16

    1993 Range Rover Classic with 300 Tdi

    I have a Beluga Black 93 LWB with 300Tdi very well maintained. Just getting it ready to sell. Super long list of details. OME 2" lift springs, Bilstein shocks, Lt230, limited slip Tru-Trac diffs front and rear, all wheel bearings and brakes done, front swivel balls rebuilt, recent timing belt...
  9. DoKarider16

    Mounting Autohome Maggi to Frontrunner Slimline II rack

    Just in the process of mounting my Maggiolina tent to my Front Runner Rack. The bolts are about 1" too short. Not really sure how Front Runner Thinks these bolts will would work. The only way I can see them working is if you had an extended length rack and small tent? Not sure but hoping to have...
  10. DoKarider16

    CARFAX reports

    Carfax is a great tool but it is not a replacement for pre purchase inspections and careful in person examination of the vehicle you are buying. I bought an Audi once and the car fax report didn't show anything. The car had been in a major front end collision, but if the previous owner must have...
  11. DoKarider16

    Lucky8's Project L322

    Looking forward to seeing more on this build. Especially the sliders.
  12. DoKarider16

    BFG KO2 pressure for snow and ice

    I have Duratracs for my daily tire and they are very good in snow, I do switch to studded Hakkapelitta Suv 8s on our 2006 Rover and an older style on my 93 Classic. If you are driving a bunch in real snow and ice the fully committed snow tire is a whole other level of traction...
  13. DoKarider16

    Cold weather Diesel starting.

    I have a 93 RRC with a 300 Tdi in it and I ski a lot. Mine would always be difficult to start in the cold until I replaced the starter with a high torque starter. It spins just a little faster than the old one did and the engine fires off way sooner. I bought the 3.1KW starter from Robert Davis...
  14. DoKarider16

    Would like to see AutoHome Roof Top Tent Columbus or Maggiolina in Portland

    I am out by Hood River and have a Maggiolina tent currently. We had a Columbus for a while. The big difference I see is if you are going to spend some time camping in cold climates (below 40º). The Columbus gives you a higher max ceiling height, but it is on one end. It is faster to put up and...
  15. DoKarider16

    97 Land Rover Disco SD7 w/300Tdi

    Sorry I have been slow to respond. I have been on a big trip out of the country. The truck is basically sold waiting for funds. Will post here if something changes. The Discovery gets about 19mpg around town 20-22mpg on the hwy.The cool thing is it will get 20mpg all day long off road in low...
  16. DoKarider16

    97 Land Rover Disco SD7 w/300Tdi

    Price drop bump. $18000 o.b.o.
  17. DoKarider16

    97 Land Rover Disco SD7 w/300Tdi

    The AC works well. Power steering as well. It is a very comfortable car to drive and live with and super capable off road. The level of traction is amazing. It really makes you feel like a hero between the torque of the diesel and the automatic.