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  1. coolfeet

    12v Fridges going "Mainstream?"

    Amazing review. I really like the battery box/power supply.
  2. coolfeet

    ICECO JP40 12 volt fridge Review

    Thanks for the video. It's a decent looking fridge. Is the lid removeable?
  3. coolfeet

    Family Camping In The Steens

    We did notice that Page Springs is south of the Malheur National Wildlife refuge. I believe what you are saying about the mosquitoes. We visited Alaska and did not have as much problems as Page Springs.
  4. coolfeet

    Family Camping In The Steens

    After driving nearly 8000 miles on a month long cross country trip in June of 2018, I took a slight detour to the Steens in Oregon. Both my 2 boys and my wife agreed that it's more breath taking than the Grand Canyon. It was the end of June and I knew the weather would be nice. Not much snow...
  5. coolfeet

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    4 more arrived last night. They stack better any other storage box I have owned. They pack better. Time will tell if they last longer.
  6. coolfeet

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    Really? Broke! Doomed to die like the Wally World budget containers?
  7. coolfeet

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    Front Runner had a Black Friday blow-out deal on Wolf Packs for $35 each and free shipping. I hit my pain threshold from carrying flimsy budget plastic storage containers. Seems like every summer, the sciatic nerve in my back flares up in raging pain from carrying the long black Sterilite...
  8. coolfeet

    CTEK 250S Poor solar performance

    I have the CTEK D250 connected to my alternator only. It's a beast when connected to the alternator. Keeps everything fully charged. The upper limit of 22-23 volts is not enough for my 2 160 Watt solar panels connected in series. I tried using the panels connected in parallel with the CTEK...
  9. coolfeet

    A Simple Drawerless Drawer System for SUVs

    Thanks for posting this design. Seems simple enough to build for my E150 camper van. The slide out table is a great idea. I am taking your slide-out table one step further-add 1 sheet of plywood on the bottom with a 90-degree end to hold stuff in. I will use this piece of plywood with the...
  10. coolfeet

    ARB fridge or ???

    I have the ARB 60 liter fridge freezer and we keep it on year round in our home for produce. We like everything about this unit except for the crappy lid design. It takes brute force to remove it. I contacted ARB and complained. It's supposed to be "quick release". I would still buy...
  11. coolfeet

    Real MPGs for your rig?

    Ford E350 6.0 PSD. I have put on 42,000 miles and the overall average is 17.5 mpg. I have Michelin AT2 tires. No mods. This is a combined city, camping, mountain driving-everything! This van is a beast. Surprised at the fuel economy. I drive the speed limit. If it is posted 80 MPH, I am...
  12. coolfeet

    320 Watt solar panel report

    I want to share my latest success on my 320 Watt solar project for my E350 camping van. More Photos forthcoming. 3 years ago I used at CTEK D250 S dual battery isolator connected to a Lifeline 80 amp battery. I have an ARB 60 quart freezer running off the battery. The CTEK was not...
  13. coolfeet

    Negative ground charge controller?

    I ordered the 30 amp standard charge controller. HQST advised that I do not need the negatively grounded charge controller in my situation.
  14. coolfeet

    Negative ground charge controller?

    I am buying a 30 amp charge controller on Amazon and gives the options to buy "negative grounded". I am using the charge controller with 2 Renogy 160 watt panels in series. Do I buy the negative grounded charge controller? Here is the link to the chare controller product on Amazon.
  15. coolfeet

    Dual Battery System with CTEK D250 not charging battery over 12 volts.

    CTEK replaced my D250s free of charge. I exhausted all other resources. The unit was faulty! Hopefully, 3 years of struggling is over!
  16. coolfeet

    Telescoping ladder to reach cargo box and solar panel on E350 van

    The Xtend ladder has favorable replies on the Expedition Portal. Thanks, I reached out to Tepui.
  17. coolfeet

    Telescoping ladder to reach cargo box and solar panel on E350 van

    This is my van. I need to move the ladder from side to side.
  18. coolfeet

    Telescoping ladder to reach cargo box and solar panel on E350 van

    The Rhino Rack ladder is nice for vertical bars. My bars are horizontal. It looks sturdy. Someone in this forum will find it very useful. Thanks!
  19. coolfeet

    Telescoping ladder to reach cargo box and solar panel on E350 van

    I need a ladder to access the solar panel and cargo box on my E350 van. I mounted a solar panel and cargo box on our E350. The cargo box stores chairs, mosquito tent, sleeping pads, and other lightweight bulky gear. Works great...except it's hard to reach. I stepped on the tires last year to...
  20. coolfeet

    Solar charging a dual batt setup?

    Before you drop the cash on the National Luna, take a look at the CTEK D250S dual battery isolator. It's pricey-$250 US but works as a dual battery isolator and MPPT solar charge controller. CTEK recently sent me a new unit to replace my first faulty unit which I believe never worked properly...