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    Montero Hardstart

    Thanks for posting that. At this point, I don't think the idle is an issue. That may have contributed to my initial symptoms, but it idles fine now and we have about 1000 miles on the car. Right now, it starts up cold 99% of the time. The hard start only occurs when it's hot (or warm) and if...
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    2002 Montero 4x4 Trans and Rear diff help!

    If the noise goes away after jacking up the car, it may be control arm bushings. Worth a shot.
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    Montero Hardstart

    I started it and let it idle for a bit. Is there a specific procedure beyond that?
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    Montero Hardstart

    Yes, I cleaned the throttle body. Today, the car started multiple times (hot and cold) without any issues, until this afternoon. Then it was long cranking and giving it gas to start. Still no active or stored codes. It looks like I need to order a special adaptor to check the fuel pressure...
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    Montero Hardstart

    One other point I've noticed that may help. It seems like when coming to a stop, the engine idle drops (around 300-400rpm) and then comes back up and settles down around 700. I don't think it did this before.
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    Montero Hardstart

    Thanks for the fuel suggestions. I'll look at the regulator and see what's involved to test pressure. I'm in the desert, so rust free. But I'll look at the fuel cap also.
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    Montero Hardstart

    I did replace the upper and lower injector seals. I don't think there are any other seals on the rail, correct?
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    Montero Hardstart

    Hopefully you guys can give some insight. My 2003 Montero has had an interment hard start for the past 6 years we've owned it. When it happens, it will just crank and crank, with maybe a slight attempt to catch. Generally, if you push the gas pedal a little it will start and then runs normal...
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    Tent advice

    Thanks for the suggestions. I went with the Bushtec kilo alpha. Hopefully it does the job.
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    Tent advice

    Hoping to get some advice from the experienced folks here. We are looking at getting a quality ground tent for a family of 4 (5 and 7yo+2 adults). The 2 main uses of the tent would be during hunting season and while boating at Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge. So, the conditions the tent would...
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    Air Lockers - OEM vs ARB?

    Here it is......
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    Air Lockers - OEM vs ARB?

    It's been a few years, but I'm pretty sure they had them. I considered going harrop, but it was about $500 more than arb ( including the compressor) as I recall.
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    Air Lockers - OEM vs ARB?

    Although on a gen 3, I have arb front and rears in mine. If I were to do it again I'd get harrop elockers. The rear arb had an internal air leak. After pulling the diff 3 times over the course of a year to replace the same seal again and again, arb finally gave me a new locker. Knock on wood...
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    Gen 3 Air Compressor - Where to mount?

    I mounted my ARB twin inside the engine bay, passenger side, behind the air intake assembly. Fits good there.
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    Montero gen 3 coolant leak

    A few things: -If there is white smoke coming from the tail pipe and you are loosing coolant, it is getting burned in the combustion chamber somehow. Either head gasket or possibly intake. The coolant in the engine valley is unrelated or another issue entirely (that is likely an easy fix)...
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    Gen 3 Monrero 34" Tires

    Not 34s but I run a true narrow 33 with 255/85 r16 on stock wheels and I don't have any rubbing. I'd guess 34 would have little to no rubbing. Are you going to regear? It will be a gutless wonder if you don't.
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    New Dobinson Gen 3 Montero/Pajero Lift Kit Option

    Based on what your saying, get the old man emu kit. The lift kit is all you will need. Proven, straight forward and easy to get. Do an alignment after you install it.
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    Gen 3 traction control problems

    Not sure about the error light, but you cannot turn the traction control off unless you are going under either 20 or 15mph. If you were going faster, it will not turn off.
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    Question: 3rd Gen Montero Rear Suspension Setup

    The rear axle (ring and pinion, CVs and axles) of a 3rd Gen is very stout. With the lack of flex it is not the best for rock crawling, and if that's your plan, get a different vehicle. But for 95 percent of everything else it works well. For most of our off road use I prefer IRS on the montero.