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  1. Hatfield

    Anyone looking for Trooper lift/parts?

    Still got the snorkel?
  2. Hatfield

    2000 isuzu trooper 4x4

    Good looking Trooper. Let me know if you are in the 256 area code.
  3. Hatfield

    Japanese SUV goodness: 2001 Isuzu Trooper

    I've always liked that color, looking good! I have 5 of these wheels I'd be willing to sale you pretty cheap...
  4. Hatfield

    Trails & Tennessee Whiskey

    Great write up, looks like I should have stayed for dinner!
  5. Hatfield

    The East Tennessee Tour

    Nice pics Max, was nice to meet you guys. Glad to hear ya'll didn't freeze to death camping Saturday night.
  6. Hatfield

    BAD Trans or ???

    I am not sure, but you might have more help posting this on
  7. Hatfield

    Best year Trooper?

    Know what you mean, the planets search isn't the best. Nope didn't upgrade tbars, and I think it rides just fine. I would like to drive a Trooper with the upgraded bars and see what the difference is. So the Trooper in question doesn't have the TOD output display on the cluster? Interesting...
  8. Hatfield

    Best year Trooper?

    It's a baja rack I was under the impression that TOD was standard, but the 99 I just got has a TOD sticker in the back window like it was an option or something special. It has 261k on it FYI, so the 3.5s can make it on up there in mileage.
  9. Hatfield

    Isuzu Aisin Locking Hubs Available at Junkyard, Sun Valley, CA

    Thanks I appreciate that. Just PM me if you can't start a bidding war.
  10. Hatfield

    Isuzu Aisin Locking Hubs Available at Junkyard, Sun Valley, CA

    I'll take them how they are if you don't want to fool with rebuilding them. Just got a new Trooper yesterday and it could use some.
  11. Hatfield

    Toyota/Scion/Isuzu Auxilary Input Adapter for OEM Radio

    Yeah it should, what year is your truck though? FYI you have to unplug the changer for it to work. It has worked great in my Trooper too, but I got a new headunit for more power.
  12. Hatfield

    Toyota/Scion/Isuzu Auxilary Input Adapter for OEM Radio

    I have a USA Spec DF-TOY Auxilary Adapter for OEM Stereo. It allows you to connect an ipod and aftermarket cd/mp3 player to your stock stereo utilizing the oem cd changer port on the back of your tuner. No more FM modulators and static interference. Perfect if you want to keep that low key...
  13. Hatfield

    Let's See Your Isuzu!

    There is a great write up for this Trooper. Here's the link:
  14. Hatfield

    Tacoma to Trooper, New Isuzu Owner

    I run OME 929's and a 1" body lift, and that is plenty of lift for me. Running 35's would be no problem whatsoever. If you are only going to run 265s, I really don't think you need a 3" body lift on top of 3" suspension. I would start with the 3" suspension, then if you are not happy get the...
  15. Hatfield

    Let's See Your Isuzu!

    Thanks! Yeah I plan on buying a winch before that rebate runs out on the Warn's at New Year's. You could tuck it up under the grill close to the radiator, that would make for a little better approach angle. I do like it a lot, just being picky
  16. Hatfield

    Let's See Your Isuzu!

    Nah, it's the only Independent4x bumper made for the 98+ Troopers. I bought it from Endo when he was parting out his Trooper. I like it, but the approach angle could be better. Been toying with the idea of selling it and getting a JoeD bumper.
  17. Hatfield

    Let's See Your Isuzu!

    Here's my Trooper. She's getting built right now so no recent pictures.
  18. Hatfield

    FS: Spotlight 12v LED cig lighter rechargeable tough buggers

    I'll take one. Send me your paypal address.