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    Power Wagons As well as the fact that hydrogen has less energy per volume. I've built a few hydrogen units in my time as well as worked for companies that sell it so unless...
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    Texas overlanding anyone?

    You have to remember there are only so many campsites. We ran into that on our trip. Since we live in TX it's a little hard to deal with. You have to show up and reserve each site. You have to do them in order so, if something happens and you lose time on the trail it can be difficult. We...
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    Texas overlanding anyone?

    But...We may be up for it. Best park we have ever been to. Had two days of off road before the kids declared mutiny. Probably the most beautiful, desolate place I have ever experienced.
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    Texas overlanding anyone?

    Close enough in Houston. Cached Similar Nov 1, 2018 - Automated weather station readings throughout the Big Bend area. ... The table below is based on average temperatures and ... Try to avoid mid-march (spring break) unless you have...
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    Texas overlanding anyone?

    Big Bend in the summer??? We did it two years ago during the Christmas break. Netted temps anywhere from the high 90's to the low 30's with a little rain thrown in. The trails though...
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    HELP! Power wagon or Cummins?

    I bought a 2017 PW to allow for more room than my 1979 Scout II when we hit the trails. Next thing I knew my wife decided we needed a travel trailer (37' triple slide) as opposed to our trusty pop up. The only thing I can say is that set up correctly, the PW handles everything I throw at it...
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    Cheap Fridge <$400 shipped

    still going after repeated abuse. Never off power whether 120 or 12vdc. Best $250 ever. :ROFLMAO:
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    Eating crow....2018 Ram Power Wagon build

    what are you doing with the factory tires?
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    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    so don't post often, but my 43 is still going strong after three years from open box. goes from ac to dc all day long and is always plugged in somewhere. for the back of the truck (two now) I ran #4 to blue sea twist to locks. when it's not in the truck it's outside in the outdoor kitchen...
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    International scout II or other old iron

    Maybe the site is telling me that I should post more than 12 times in 6 years. :drool:
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    International scout II or other old iron

    No. It's random. I've tried everything including going through a bunch of pics. I've also tried things like changing the view. Next step is to review the file size to see if there is any correlation.
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    International scout II or other old iron

    And the long range trail/tow rig when driving a Scout for 12+ hours with 3 kids, a wife and a dog is less than desirable. I'll add a pic when the site allows.
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    International scout II or other old iron

    Here's my current Scout II. 79' with a 304 and a few other modifications to make it fun for the rocks and camping.
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    mega 2500 gasser build

    I really like anyone that has a scout (79' scout ii) and a ram with a 6.4 (17' PW). I feel like we're brothers from way way far away...and different parents.
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    2017 Power Wagon

    I have a 2017 and drive Houston daily. Averaging 14 in really mixed conditions (including dragging trailers) so I can tell you that outside of brand new Cummins with no load ever, all of the jacked up power strokes get less mileage than I do. PM in industrial construction so needless to say my...
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    Cheap Fridge <$400 shipped

    I have not but extremely pleased that mine is still going. AC and DC both
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    10"W tire on a 6"W rim?

    Keep in mind that most if not all of the big box tire stores will not mount tires with an excess width of 2" over the rim width. I.E. Discount will only mount a 10.50 on a 8" wheel and a 12.50 on a 10" wheel. your local small business owner.
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    the heater will run on battery but there is no way that the ac will run on 12vdc. please correct me if I am wrong because your camper would be the perfect size and options package for what I am looking for. thanks in advance
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    1976 Scout Traveler, Ultimate Expedition Build

    It's better than it was. The Lite Line dealers can get a lot more now than was available ten years ago. Of course when they bought out the original molds for body panels they are still 30+ years old now so fitment is always fun. It's really the small trim pieces that are harder to find, but...
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    1976 Scout Traveler, Ultimate Expedition Build

    As another Scout owner and in conjunction with jeepeater I would say leave the headlight protection. It's not that the truck can't "take it", it's more to the point that some parts are becoming harder and harder to find. Protect all that you can and no, it's not cartoonish. Just my .02.