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  1. stephenh1235

    Is anyone here from Perth?

    I'm in Exmouth - 1300 kms north of Perth , but a central launch point to the areas "charlieaarons" has listed . You definately need FIDO as you won't find another as good!
  2. stephenh1235

    Towing in 5th Gear ?

    Thanks guys for replying , you have confirmed my thoughts so I will maintain my lifetime practice of not towing in 5th gear !
  3. stephenh1235

    Towing in 5th Gear ?

    Seeking advice / thoughts on towing a 3t caravan with a FG649 Canter - what is the top gear - 4th or 5th. Cannot find answers doing a search , so calling out to the likes of Owen, Dan ,Blackduck or anyone with experiences good or bad. After 6 years having the Palamino slide on, we have reached...
  4. stephenh1235

    FUSO Manuals

    Thankyou very much !
  5. stephenh1235

    What is this black tank?

    I have done a basic search through past posts,but since I don't know what to call it and no access to a manual, thought it best to call on the brains trust to help. (Sure Owen or Dan will have the answer!) I have a FG649 single cab Canter & in front of the R.H.S. (drivers side in Aust) front...
  6. stephenh1235

    Wheel rim combo upgrades - legalities in western australia

    My present FG649 when I bought it 4 years ago came with similiar 19.5" wheels, though the rim stud holes were machined to accept wheel nuts from both sides to allow fitment to front or rear. The fitted rims on the front did differ from the rear & single spare was same as rear! The truck was...
  7. stephenh1235

    FGs for sale

    A reasonably priced FG649 Camper over here in Western Australia.
  8. stephenh1235

    Broken ATW parabolic leaf

    Hi to all responders on this post, I would like to ask so I can gain some understanding & learn, = the photos 4th & 7th showing bumpstop to diff housing clearance, there appears to be a lot of available thread on the u-bolts I guess due to the minimal number of spring leafs compared to...
  9. stephenh1235

    First truck camper - Slide-on setup vs fixed body

    P.S. also this one but in West Aust - registered - high K's Steve
  10. stephenh1235

    First truck camper - Slide-on setup vs fixed body

    For what it's worth I can share my experience of having a slide on camper on a FG649 for the last 2 years. The slide on is a "Palamino" 1251, build quality probably "not up there" - equivalent to a Aussie Jayco, but so far has shown no structural problems or any deteriation. We went with a slide...
  11. stephenh1235

    Expression of Interest - WA Trip May 2018.

    You have picked what I believe to be the "best month of the year" to start your trip! Hopefully I will be east of Port Hedland - Marble Bar on the Nullagine River if the rains provide!
  12. stephenh1235

    Stockton Wheels.....the latest dope.

    I'm a seconder for "goanna tracks" or Kim Boultons rims,very happy with them.
  13. stephenh1235

    stuck between a truck and a truck and a truck

    []I would suggest trying to test drive either of these 3 vehicles in their standard form,and guage whether the ride is acceptable, & if ok you know that suspension/seats upgrades are available that can "improve" the comfort.I am on my third Canter & still own a 100 series. The Canters are a more...