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    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    Read the whole thing. Sheesh! What a roller coaster. I could feel the pain of selling it and then saw the extra pages and said “Huh? Must be people commiserating.“ And then you found it again! You’ve done great work and the finished project is going to be amazing.
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    1983 Toyota 4X4 Chinook Build

    I’ve always admired the little Toyota chinooks and it’s awesome to see someone putting in the time to make one amazing. Well done. Can’t wait to see what you do next.
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    1992 Dodge W250 Cummins / VW Vanagon Abomination *MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS*

    This is an incredible project. Hope you’re getting better and I look forward to the completion of this... um... piece of art?
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    Weatherproof fridge

    This is an old thread but I’d like to toss in that I probably fried the control board of my National Luna 60 Twin on the fourth rain storm a few weeks ago that I sat in. The three previous storms were only driven through. The back page of the owners manual states ”shall not be exposed to rain”...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    This is from Kabib State Forest, 2 summers ago. It was my First overland trip and it took me across the country.
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    A Tale of Two Excursions.

    Not sure how expo feels about outside sites, but theres a certain website called .ford_trucks. that will answer any and all questions for your excursion. Updates, rebuilds, spares, etc. I built a beautiful 2000 dually with the education I got from that site, and I’m currently slogging it out...
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    Salvage Suburban project

    Perfect. Nice job on the setup. Definitely adding that rear rack setup and hub unit application to my ”good idea ideas “collection.
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    Bed Rack or Ladder Rack

    This is an older thread but brings up a good topic, especially for the newer travelers with little money. There is nothing wrong with using a ladder rack for a tent. I’ve logged a few thousand miles around the country using a CVT MT Rainer on top of a TracRac ladder rack (craigslist purchase)...
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    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread

    Whew. I might have just binge read most of this thread. Well done. Thanks for the time you took. I’ll “probably” never do the Propex install, but some of those dinner pics convinced me a fridge and kitchen is better then Mountain House.
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    That’s definitely something I forget. My summit series Mt Ranier has the aluminum sandwhich floor. The Pioneer and a number of other lighter duty RTTs have just plate or even plywood floor. Sometimes even a tiny bit of insulation makes a notable difference.
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    Post your tents

    2006 F350 with a cheesy TracRac and a fantastic CVT Mt Ranier in Kabib State Forest outside the Grand Canyon. Coming from the North East; it’s crazy that I can just drive into a state forest and camp for free. Almost forgot the cheap no name 270* awning... it’s weak, has plastic pivot points and...
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    Official Test Results: Five Ways to Heat a Tent

    As someone who really only has time off in the winter for any kind of camping or overland opportunities, thank you. I’m getting older and comfort/roughing it are starting to blur together. Thank you to all who have helped with this thread and provided ideas. Right now I’m running a triple...