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    What's your dream sleep system?

    I put my sleep system together with support, comfort and ergonomics being highly prioritised A Helinox Cot One Converible with Cot Leg Extension Kit forms the base, with the leg extension kit setting the bed at the perfect height for sitting on, and getting into, and out of. The leg...
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    5x10 Cargo Trailer - camper build

    You're doing a lovely job with your compact travel cabin, I particularly like the kitchen box mounted at the ideal work height. Great job on the insulation too. Thanks for sharing your build.
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    Campchef Everest stove knob fell off!

    I was going to suggest contacting the manufacturer but someone beat me to it, and he even included the relevant information for the required part.
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    Cots talk

    Having spine, leg and foot injuries, getting restful sleep in a comfortable bed is very important to me. Consequently, I invested in a Helinox Cot One with the Leg Extension Kit. A Multimat Extreme 12XL foam sleeping pad goes onto the Cot, and a NeoAir X-Therm Max insulated sleeping mat lies...
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    Joined the Hardside club

    That's a great history for a truck camper, and allowing for depreciation it's better than buying new!
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    How about a "Zoom Room"???

    It's an interesting take on a sleeper pod but it effectively rules out using the pick up bed to store stuff if that's where the access door is! That apart, it's a ridiculous amount of money for what it is, and it puts an awful lot of weight above the cab.
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    This looks to be a very well considered camper! I'm really looking forward to seeing this come together.
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    Corvette Camper!

    Looking at how curvaceous the lines of the car are, it's a shame that the designer of the accommodation module didn't think to make it more compatible! The accommodation module is so totally at odds with the car, style wise, that it looks ridiculous (and awful).
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    Rise of the Adventure Toaster

    I really like your compact Travel Cabin, especially the patina, which I agree is best to keep for the reasons you said. That compact size should fit anywhere you might want to go and the cabin sliding door is another great space saving idea. Your meticulously thorough approach to stripping...
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    Introducing DIY Puch GWagon Camper Ex-Swiss Army

    The build and fit out complement the G-Wagon perfectly, light, practical and simple.
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    I guess that I am "Other'

    By any metric, that is a very substantial vehicle of immense capability! The necessity of a truck mounted hydraulic crane in order to move the spare wheel is an indicator of the Heavy Duty nature of the truck and its expected usage! Fuel consumption must be 'interesting'.
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    Homebuilt wedge/toy hauler

    You've fabricated a very neat, strong and multipurpose top that looks really good too!
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    My 5x8 trailer build

    What a lovely compact trailer, do you have any more interior pictures? That metal grille makes for a good cooktop.
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    Building a fully enclosed Overland trailer to be towed by a Jeep

    This is outstanding! I particularly liked how you bevel the base and wall panel edges which gives greater bonding surfaces, that was very neat! With the bevelled panel edges, external aluminium angle and internal 80/20 aluminium extrusions, this is an immensely solid, lightweight...
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    Texman Build Begins

    Really nice, original trailer build! Lovely cabinets too.
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    I decided to build my own Pop Top camper

    This has it all, excellent framing, sheet matetials, trim pieces and adhesives that non professionals could put together without being able to weld aluminium!
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    Suzuki jimny , tiny touring australia

    That's a very sorted little truck!
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    Cargo Trailer 5x8 Overland Conversion - Cherokee XJ Content

    What a transformation! The interior is beautiful, clean and uncluttered, a really nice place to be. I think the 5' x 8' enclosed cargo trailer is the best compromise of internal living space, relatively small footprint and ease of towing and manoeuvring. You've significantly transformed...
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    Strong, new non-pneumatic bike tire invented by Bend Oregon resident

    Thank you, I really appreciate your help, what a great article that was.
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    QuenchSea Watermaker

    The linked project may be interesting if it delivers to backers and is independently tested in its final commercial variant and proven to work. Years ago, wanting to have a reliable source of potable water I bought a Katadyn Survivor 06-LL Desalinator and a Katadyn Pocket Water Filter, these...