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  1. red EOD veteran

    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    Meets emissions with just the EGR valve under the repower program. So none of the highly problematic emissions equipment, just the valve that has been on all diesel and gas vehicles since the early 80's that fall under the 8500 lb weight rating from the EPA (all 3/4 ton and lighter trucks)...
  2. red EOD veteran

    Camper box build

    Talk to forum member Victorian.
  3. red EOD veteran

    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    At SEMA they were saying an expected price of 7-9k for this kit, mostly dependent on what emissions equipment was going to be required. The base 2.8 ISF has been built overseas since it was designed and you can buy the engine for about 5-6k. Add in shipping/customs, pedal, engine readout panel...
  4. red EOD veteran

    2015 BMW F800GS

    Love the bike but can't really ride offroad anymore because of my knee. Bought it new in July 2015. Have put 18,000 miles on it with dealer services at the recommended 6,000 and 12,000 mile intervals. Most of the miles are on pavement and roughly 400 miles on dirt roads. Bike has been garage...
  5. red EOD veteran

    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    Depends on your driving style. If you drive at lower RPM the extra torque of the diesel wins. Prefer high RPM horsepower then gas. Excited to see the official price tag and if this works out well for them. The engine was designed with the ATLAS test program so it's a clean running motor. Being...
  6. red EOD veteran

    Impressive Armadillo MAN 8x8

    really like that 2nd floor idea.
  7. red EOD veteran

    Am I crazy: 1993 4Runner with a 5VZE-FE 3.4L + A340F swap

    If they used the new harness then there goes the biggest concern. I'd go for it.
  8. red EOD veteran

    4-Door 6' Bed Options

    Have to compromise somewhere. Short wheelbase, 6ft bed, comfortable seating for 4 adults doesn't exist. A compromise has to happen. Guessing that the concern with wheelbase is for offroad capability? Knowing your vehicle makes this an overrated concern. I've been into the rock crawling scene for...
  9. red EOD veteran

    custom bumper reliability

    When the manufacturer uses a cast/forged/etc tow hook they get one that is usually rated for that weight of vehicle. They are designed for a steady amount of tension. When yanking a vehicle out you apply a shock load that is a much higher force, which the equipment is not rated for and the...
  10. red EOD veteran

    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    As they mentioned in the second video the fuel economy of a diesel engine improves after it is broken in.
  11. red EOD veteran

    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    Kimber custom TLE/RL II 1911. Usually carry IWB
  12. red EOD veteran

    How sweet would this set up be on a 12v cummins with 103k 5 speed

    Engine and trans would be fine. Rear suspension would need some help.
  13. red EOD veteran

    Red's deuce camper project

    Couple updates. Back in November arranged a trade for some upgraded brakes and a detroit locker for the rear axle. This generation of truck had single circuit hydraulic brakes which is not ideal for safety. They stop the truck well but if there is a leak anywhere in the system (wheel cylinders...
  14. red EOD veteran

    "Adventure Mobile" goes back in time.. 1996 Suburban to 1984 Suburban..

    For suspension do a shackle flip in the rear and a set of rear springs up front with the overload leaf removed. Will net about 4" of lift, lots of flex, and a good ride. offroad design and carry the parts for this.
  15. red EOD veteran

    D.O.A - 89 Chevy Ambo Build

    That truck looks almost new in the pictures, good find.
  16. red EOD veteran

    Balancing your larger method?

    Rubber beneath the tread is about 2" thick and reinforced. Flats aren't an off-road concern. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  17. red EOD veteran

    Balancing your larger method?

    My wheels bolt together, poured the coolant in before mounting the outer ring. You could pull the valve core and pour it in that way.
  18. red EOD veteran

    Head Gasket failure with slapping valves 26k after engine rebuild (IS THIS POSSIBLE?)

    Bad gasket, bad bolt, bolt not torqued, incorrect machine job are all possible. Going off the pictures it looks like the bolt to the left of the gasket break was not fully torqued or it came loose. Can tell from the discoloration around that bolt and how the other side is clean.
  19. red EOD veteran

    Balancing your larger method?

    I use 1/2 a gallon per tire. 395x85x20", measures to a 47" tire. The companies that make different balancing media have charts for how much weight to put in, with that size tire they call for 14oz of weight.
  20. red EOD veteran

    Cummins 2.8L Diesel "Repower" engine kit

    It's running the same common rail technology that all other modern diesels use, been the standard since roughly 2000. The emission systems is what gets absurd on the newer motors and hopefully this kit will be available without all those systems. That being said common rail diesels require very...