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    What is a 100% custom modification you have on your Land Rover?

    That's for the ashcroft underdrive
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    What is a 100% custom modification you have on your Land Rover?

    Made a console for my RRC about 10 years ago
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    Overland Journal: Discovery I, 5-speed

    Wow, that's a crazy price!
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    Have subarus gotten better on sand?

    Not sure if the stability/TC off switch actually turns the system off on the Outbacks but it doesn't on my Crosstrek. You need to pull the fuse for it to go completely off. Annoying. With it on the car is terrible in lower speed slippery conditions - snow, sand, etc. It will de-fuel to the...
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    Overland Journal: Discovery I, 5-speed

    Hey Scott - do any work on the disco in the last year or so? Still driving it regularly? This past weekend I decided to start trying to resurrect my dad's white, auto '95 DI and just finished reading through this thread for some inspiration. It has mostly sat for the last 2-3 years so step...
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    Discovery 300 TDi (new to me)!

    How do you like the auto mated with the Tdi? I guess you would have to drive a 5-speed side by side to really know but I'm just curious how Tdi/auto combo works.
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    Which Subaru is best off-road?

    I have a crosstrek and I'd shy away from that for any off road use and would say to give one of the xmode systems a try on the larger vehicles if you must have a subaru. For off road and slippery conditions the computer logic behind the stability/traction control program is terrible with mine...
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    G4 CHALLENGE EDITION w/155K miles - Am I crazy to even think about it?

    With regular oil changes and some luck the V8 can go for quite a long time. My dad's '99 DII went to 325k with one head gasket change at ~75k and that was it. Got rid of the truck with the engine still running great.
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    Best new Subaru for Overlanding - Crosstrek, Forester, or Outback?

    Mine is a '13 non-hybrid manual trans and it has no business being in technical terrain. Dirt roads are a lot of fun, but it gets in over its head real quick if things get even just a little rough. Maybe the Forester would be a better bet and I'd stay away from a manual trans for anything...
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    Which late-model Subaru has the best off-road AWD system?

    Traction control systems seem to be different from vehicle to vehicle. If you can find one that only pulses the brakes and doesn't de-fuel then that will act like a limited slip and help in many situations. My dad's '99 Discovery worked pretty good and didn't de-fuel but there were times it...
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    Which late-model Subaru has the best off-road AWD system?

    The video of the forester climbing that hill does look good and I've seen some others videos too so I wonder if it is the manual trans plus the electronic aids that are the cause of the issue or something to do with the crosstrek/impreza computer programming. Once mine is out of warranty I'll...
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    Which late-model Subaru has the best off-road AWD system?

    Can you actually fully turn off the VDC on the new Foresters? My Crosstrek doesn't turn off completely and still kills the throttle if you lift a wheel off the ground. There is barely any suspension travel so lifting a wheel is easy and can even happen pulling into certain driveways and side...
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    2013 Subaru Forester (SH9 3rd Gen) going the Expedition route

    Nice pictures! Was the Crosstrek a CVT or manual? Mine is manual and I'd burn up the clutch in terrain like that. How'd the front bumper survive? I'm not sure you can upgrade an OB to match a trailhawk cherokee off road. The low range and rear locker will be tough to beat. But if you don't...
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    Student Project: Front Bumper & Recover R&D

    How about a winch housing or some sort of fairlead that doesn't let the winch bunch of up on one side during angled pulls? My parent's had a garden hose reel that had a lead screw that evenly spooled the hose up on the reel from left to right no matter what the angle the hose came in at...
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    Lucky8’s Project Discovery 3

    Justin's terrain response issues in the deep snow sounds identical to what I've seen. Sand mode tended to work best overall but an "off" button to completely disable it and a simple "lock" for the diffs would be the best solution. But that is just my opinion.
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    Off Roading in a LR3 vs LR4?

    If you are worried about ride quality on the RRC, put medium duty OME springs, perhaps a small spacer for added height if needed, and the lighter valved OME shocks. Adjust tire pressures according to the terrain and I think it rides great. Or spend an afternoon in a Series and get back into...
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    Lucky8’s Project Discovery 3

    Is there any chance of an "off" button for the terrain response and manual override for the lockers? I don't have extensive off road experience with the newer rovers, but I've had the terrain response both surprise me with how well it works and disappoint moments later. Having a manual mode...
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    2002 Chawton White - A Buildish Thread

    Your DII is looking good! I miss ours sometimes - damn rust. Keep yours out of the salt up there!
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    Rear Panhard Conversion

    That's cool - I didn't know there was a kit for this. Let us know how it works out on/off road.
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    The LR4 — Crossing America Offroad with Tom Collins at the helm!

    Forgive my ignorance on the new rovers, but if you break a CV can you not continue on the other axle? At least on pavement where there is sufficient traction? Even my little IFS geo tracker could be field repaired to continue on the the other axle (ignoring that I could just put it in 2WD and...