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    New Bronco

    Got my WT Sas the end of November, have put 4800 miles on it since delivery. Texas to IL, Tx to Ks. Had a 2013 JKUR, son has a 2022 4Runner TRD OR. I have 2011 scab Raptor. Highway driveability is very similar to the Raptor. The 4Runner has less wind noise but the handling and power of the...
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    Kanes, little more money lots more shoe same concept
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    Is there an "ultimate" tablet for Gaia/GPS?

    Manufacturer of the above mount, please?
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    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    At age 68, I walk 5 miles a day and spend an hour a day riding a mtb, while residing in coastal Texas I have never had an encounter with an ebike. In contrast, following the same exercise routine in Key West last year I experienced on a near daily basis reckless riders of ebikes. Having ebike...
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    Simple rims for modern full size trucks?

    Thats why the flares are on mine. 0 offset 4.75” backspace, no rubbing. Method no longer lists a 701 non hd but the 703 is currently listed,looks the same.
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    Simple rims for modern full size trucks?

    I put 17” Methods with Falken 315-70-17 tires on my 2020 F250. After the tire shop mounted and drove around the block, had a clicking sound from the front due to a tire weight. Shop could not place the weight to avoid the caliper so they replaced the weights with beads, have driven about 16k...
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    2020+ E350 SMB vs F350 ext cab Flatbed Popup Truck Camper

    Or a 2022-3 E350 C&C with Unicell fiberglass box and Ujoint conversion. By the time you are done cost exceeds the F2-350 and camper. I like the truck as you can upgrade with a new truck with little hassle.
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    2022 RAM 5500 Composite "Super Camper"

    Had this happen repeatedly on german cars, sanded the hub rust off and now routinely coat the hub-wheel interface with thin layer of lithium grease. No more problems.
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    Looking for a flatbed cabover shell with cargo access

    Another option is a Unicell truck body, one for sale in the classifieds.
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    Ford Tremor - Colorado overland/off-road, or Rivian?

    The supercab short bed F250 offers a shorter wheelbase close to the regular cab, is the reason I bought. Ran all over high mountain passes in Wyoming, Colorado and northern NM last fall with the 7.3 towing a utv trailer and had power excess to needs. Tremor package available only on crew cabs...
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    (SOLD) 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition

    Apparently Ford has it’s own internal auction site for dealers. My salesperson that I ordered my bronco thru told me that dealers are routinely paying 30k over msrp to buy from another dealer. Makes this sellers price look fair.
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    SatCom Experiences

    Have used a Garmin Inreach for several yrs 200 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico as well as remote mountain locations in New Mexico without hiccup. Garmin has a monthly report on their website detailing emergent uses of their device. Pretty interesting stories. Was elk hunting in nm a year ago...
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    F-350 Configuration for Truck Camper Build (NorthStar 850SC)

    I have both options and have had zero issues since new 15 months ago. I have read there are some charging complexities with how the ford system allocates alternator output.
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    F-350 Configuration for Truck Camper Build (NorthStar 850SC)

    Consider the 360 camera or at a minimum the blind spot option.
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    Garaging a 102 " trailer in a 95 " Garage

    Tried the dolly thing with a Casita wouldnt go up the edge between the drive and the garage slab without twisting and deflecting, used 2 wheels without tires, if you have 5 bolt hubs try 12” wheels if will clear your brakes.
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    Any Ford Superduty with OEV Aluma Tray owners out there?

    I read the installation instructions that came with the camera directing you to disconnect the plug for the tailgate camera and plug this camera in, assume it is a replacement that requires no other programming to use once installed.
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    Any Ford Superduty with OEV Aluma Tray owners out there?

    My 2020 F250 with the camper special package came with an additional camera and cable designed to replace the tailgate camera when a camper is mounted. Is designed to be mounted at the top of the back of the camper with the cable plugging into the bed harness. Dont have it with me to give you...
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    Need recommendations for new tough rain shell

    Try a company whose only business is raingear for commercial uses: Grundens, Helly Hansen