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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    well… thank you very much. I got ZERO work done today due to this amazing build. If I get fired I’ll blame you 🤪 Man this is a well executed build. impressive skills man. Re camp stove: I have a an Optimus vega I really like. Crazy small and light. Plenty of power. Mixed reviews about oring...
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    1959 GMC Adventure Bus Build

    I love this build. Many builds are slow and lots of talk. Your dumping hours into this thing and showing it in like 5 pics. This thing is rad man. Love the ”im just gonna build this….” Approach. It’s clear you think things out. But you don’t get bogged in over analyzing stuff. props on the fab...
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    2002 Dodge 2500 Sport Build (CAL)

    Yes! Fellow second gen guy. Love my 12v. Well… most the time. Super curious what your gonna come up w for a snorkel. I did a search a while back there seems like there NEVER was a decent snorkel made for this truck. Oh well. Take good care of that vp it’s a tender little guy. as you already know...
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    Cabover HMMWV Expedition Truck Project

    There is so much right with this build. HUGE fan of 6bt. smart like tractor. Rock simple. How you gonna manage the Alison? i think there is turnkey standalone management or some diy that seemed pretty cool as well. Tons of work ahead of ya. Dont steam. this will be killer.
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    2nd Gen Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins / The “Puller” Project

    Love this camper And of course the truck. what Carli spring you get? I watched the video a while ago but forget. It’s the hemi spring right? Gettin stoked to put mine on soon. finish the stone guards For rear shock? I have 2.5 w remote res in my rears and the fit the “normal“ orientation. But...
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    Love the flatbed! I wanna make one similar but likely never will. Got a contractor shell for it w full barn doors. Works well. I did wvo on my 96 back in 09. I did oil sampling before and after running my two tank svo system. Seems like a few metals increased in my sample. Made me nervous...
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    1997 Cummins Towho/Expo

    I know it’s been almost a year but any updates on this truck. Flatbed looks killer!I’m a sucker for an old Cummins. Got one myself thats about to get some Carli, DOR, Fox loving. Gonna try a full swap to 4th gen steering. Shaft, box, tie rods etc… Cummins is great. Dodge… not so much …
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    1998.5 Dodge Ram CTD - Sally

    I never get tired of this truck. any updates on winches?
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    Great White: A Chevy K10 Build

    Dude. Proper job. Attention to detail, do it yourself, quality of parts and work, well though out. Love it. Well done man!
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    slow build- 97 Ram CTD family truck/expo rig

    Man! I just got my dream truck back. (Had a 96 and sold. 10 years ago) A 97 ext cab 4x412v 5spd 155k on it. Do you have more pics of the dash? Mine is cooked and gone of course. I’d curious what you did for your. I been thinking of a full custom dash but can’t find pics.
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    Post build ..uh.. build thread.

    I’ve been dreaming up this utility camper stealth flatbed high capacity storage camping work vehicle.. drew it up on sketch Up. And then I see this thing! concept is exactly what I wanted. Well done. enjoy the van
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    Pics of liquor cabinet.
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    ive made a few chuck boxes and pantry boxes from old ammo boxes. I was wondering if there would be any interest in these or other custom made lightweight boxes? Im considering starting w a 1650 pelican case and making them custom ordered to your gear. Any takers? Cases would be used and show...
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    12v fridge

    It had a black vinyl door cover I made one outta aluminum. It’ll polish up if someone is really board 😬
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    12v fridge

    I gotta dig it outta the storage trailer. I thought I’d use it but the yeti is workin good enough. I’ll try to post a pic tonight. Yeah SoCal. Don’t want ship if I don’t have to.
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    12v fridge

    This thing has been in storage so I forget the specs. It’s heavy duty 12v unit that Came from a semi. I will post specs later. I think it’s like 20qt. 100$ or best offer
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    '94 Toyota Pickup build

    That wildernest looks dumb on your tuck. Your probably sell it to me instead :) jk. Looks good man. I'm a dirt bagger too. 92 single cab 22re. You can find your gear ratio by looking on the door jam sticker as well. But this only works if they haven't been swapped. But it's easier than jacking...
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    3rd gen pickup ifs suspension performance

    YESS!! This build is bookmarked from a longtime ago. Happy to see it's still progressing. Looking forward to updates.
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    Old's Cool

    Quick night up in San Jacinto. Man what a crazy view. Didn't think there'd be much interest in a old stock and LOW budget build. I may put together a thread for the common man.
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    CAISOB 2012 Tacoma Overland Build

    I like the mindset. Make what ya can. Learn from others. don't buy junk just to be cheap. Buy quality when it matters. My truck is being "built" the same way. Keep it up