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    2003 Tahoe Build - Family Overland Rig

    What are the part numbers for the police package parts?
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    2001 suburban 2500 build

    Sweet rig!
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    Chevrolet Suburban GMT800 Z71

    Awesome rig! I picked up a GMT800 (03 Tahoe) a few months back. They are fantastic vehicles. Have you thought about adding a Tru cool 40k tranny cooler? Or even rebuilding/upgrading to 4l80? The 4l60 is about the only weak point in these rigs. I installed the 40k on mine a few weeks ago to try...
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    Suburban mild lift parts? (GMT800 '00-06)

    Heck, even a LC snorkel fits in the GMT800s lol
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    Awesome! Ill definitely follow this build. I have an 03 Tahoe that I'm also building to outdoor/camping/general off road type activities. Do you have any plans to build up the 4l60? Seems it's the only real big weak point in these rigs.
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    Suburban/Tahoe(and GMC) pic/build thread

    Just picked up this 03 Tahoe. Very clean rig, has a stack of maintenance records from the day it was new to present. 180k miles. Only downside is the auto ride suspension. Anyone know how much of a PITA it is to get rid of so I can put a small lift on it for the 33" tires I ordered?
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    2nd Gen 4Runner

    Lol. I've kept at least 1 manual vehicle throughout my 20 years of driving. I enjoy them. But I definitely don't mind sitting in traffic in an auto. haha
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    2nd Gen 4Runner

    A manual transmission is the only thing I feel like I'm missing in the rig.
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    2nd Gen 4Runner

    Hello everyone. I recently picked up a 2nd Gen (91) 4runner. I really like it and dig the body style of it. I'm new to Toyotas, previously had Xterras and also have a 2500 Ram. My 4runner has the 3.0 (yeah I know) but I don't mind the engine at all. I could care less about going fast. The...