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    What is gained by a gas 3/4-1 ton over 1/2 ton truck?

    I have a ‘13 Chebby 2500. I have about a thousand pounds in the bed (welder, compressor, etc) and I average 10.4 mpg
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    What is gained by a gas 3/4-1 ton over 1/2 ton truck?

    I don’t believe that this has been mentioned yet, but the 2500s have a much greater capacity turn fuel into heat and noise and are readily able to get mpg number into sub 10s without straining hard! This can be especially helpful when trying to cook ‘exhaust manifold meals‘ and also on long...
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    Single bend in the frame

    Post a pic of the good side so we have some basis for comparison.
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    3/4 ton or 1 ton platform? 250 or 350. 2500 or 3500

    Check you registration cost on the one ton first, as here it is considered a commercial vehicle. Insurance cost may differ between the two as well. I can’t remember having seen a gas 1 ton either. Biggest difference is towing. If you are going to tow heavy get the 1 ton in a diesel, if you are...
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    Do we really need a spare?

    Just had a flat yesterday on a day old BFG All Terrain on my pick up. We were on the freeway on the way home from my camp in the mountains. Lost its 75psi of air in about 45 seconds. I put in a #12 screw, and it was a bit loose. I aired it up and it got me home. Put the spare on and will drop...
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    M416 Trailer wobble at highway speeds

    Spare carried over the tongue makes more sense. If you really want to keep it as is, and cant find a way to balance the load better, you can relocate the axle further to the rear.
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    Charging on the go

    Well they should put the ice cream shops right next to the charging stations, that way I will be able to have a cold treat every time I charge up.
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    Hallmark let me down

    I thought the spelling was odd,so I searched ‘hallmark trailer’ and it only came up with Haulmark, which are fairly common box trailers here. Apparently I needed to search ’hallmark RV trailers’. So now I don’t know what the OP has.😂
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    Hallmark let me down

    I have repaired a bunch of Haulmark trailers, I have not found them especially well made. Just learn to do your own repairs and you will end up with a better product. Post up questions if you are unsure how to do something.
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    Full-custom lateral drawers in wagon: what would you do again?

    The drawer set up, what vehicle are they in?
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    Tacoma/Habitat build Denver 39,500OBO

    Yeah, but those tires stick, no matter is the earth is horizontal, vertical, or overhead!
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    Full-custom lateral drawers in wagon: what would you do again?

    No sure I have ever seen any lateral drawers, only longitudinal, got any pics?
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    Molle Panel strap

    Heavy duty Velcro strips. You can get them a HoDe, about an inch wide, loops on one side hooks on the other, cut to length, comes in a roll.
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    Diesel Upgrade Cost - 1/2 ton vs 3/4 ton

    Lots changes going to the big diesel, transmissions, t cases, rear axles, drive shafts, springs, cooling system… it adds up. I‘m sure there is a perceived value up charge in there too.
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    Help getting Wheel Hub off of Dana 60

    You do have all the nuts off right? Sounds silly, but lesser things have stopped many.
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    Montero Hardstart

    Check your fuel pressure at key on engine off, and at idle.
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    If you had to do it AGAIN...

    Just have the tranny rebuilt, as that is within roughly 30k miles in your future, and you are good for a long while I usually drive them for 350 to 400k miles and sell them as good running trucks. I work them hard too.
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    Coil springs

    It is not the bandsaw, but the blade. I have an Ellis 1600, and the blades are $50 a pop. Spring steel is high carbon, and hardened, not worth the risk When a cut off wheel is a buck and does it better and quicker.