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    RexRover... another 1/2 ton based big luxury overland camper rig (F150) for $350k

    From the same folks who make the $1M truck. Twice the price of a Tiger for a less capable truck. Curious to see if it will sell. On a slightly off topic tangent, it appears expedition trucks and RVs in general are quite a bit less expensive across the pond in Europe vs here in North America...
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    Ice, Ice, Baby 2023

    Thanks for mentioning this, can't wait to watch those videos!
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    Wilderness Vans - GRID chassis cab

    A Fuso based EXP was $275 pre-pandemic, now they go for quite a bit more on the used market. But the same goes for any vehicle. I sold my 6 years old Airstream trailer during the pandemic for what I paid new and sold my 7 years old truck for not much less. Prices are starting to go down, curious...
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    Wilderness Vans - GRID chassis cab

    I was mindlessly browsing instagram and saw a post from Wilderness Vans. Their GRID truck looks interesting. Truck chassis, heated garage, lithium power. No listed price but there is a for sale post for one of their trucks with a listing of $280k USD. I think the price is about right for this...
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    Winnebago EKKO

    +1 to everything said above. I do prefer the Aeonrv floor plan though, mostly for the dinette arrangement vs the 2 seats of the Ekko but that's just a personnal preference. Regarding the dually question, the truth is probably 99% of the driving in an Ekko/Aeon will be done on pavement or graded...
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    Winnebago EKKO

    I also own a Revel and I'm on the Ekko facebook group. The general consensus is that the Ekko is good at doing its thing but also keep in mind that there are a lot of first time rv owners in that group. Anything specific you are looking for? I would have definitely consider one if not for...
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    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    I agree the entry way/shower combo is not for everyone but I think it works great in a vehicle of that size. I'm trying to avoid comparing it with the EC since they are 2.5x the price of the AeonRV and a different beast. I somewhat regret not buying one 5 years ago when they were about...
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    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    I just saw one in person at the Revel van rally in Moab over the weekend. It is quite impressive in person and the garage is roomier than I expected. Winnebago was on site but unfortunately the Ekko they were supposed to bring was being used by a rep so I couldn't compare both back to back but...
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    Interesting build

    Saw this on youtube. Simple and cheap Fuso based conversion. Not for everyone for sure but it works.
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    Provan Tiger Bengal Thread

    There are a bunch of owners here. You can check out this couple's Traveling adventures in their Tiger.
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    electric 6x6 concept

    This could be interesting for short expeditions. Heavy-duty, go-anywhere electric 6x6 truck from EMotive gets funded (
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    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    I just saw the article on a different forum and came here to share it! This looks great and promising. Can't wait to see more of it.
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    Need Your Help: Seeking a Specific type of 4x4 Class C?

    There are not that many options outside the ones you already mentioned. Maybe you could find a used Earthcruiser EXD or XP camper for slightly above your price point. There was an older earthroamer on the "for sale" section for 95k.
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    2020 Winnebago Revel (4x4 Diesel Sprinter)

    I have a 2021 and love it! GLWS
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    Winnebago EKKO

    Yes, width can be an issue on larger motorhomes. However the Ekko house is about the same width as the Transit chassis and its got the regular mirrors, not the extended ones traditional class Cs have. Overall width is 1.5" wider than a Revel on a Sprinter chassis which goes pretty much everywhere.
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    RVTrader, Earthroamer 57 $209k

    I follow ER57 on Ig, they are getting a new one (LTi #40) and selling the old. Link to the RVTrader ad
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    Rocksea - EarthCruiser CORE Total Composites Build

    looking forward to follow this build. A bike garage is such a nice feature that's missing on most non-custom solutions.
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    did the truck arrive safely in LA last week?
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    Sold 2018 Mitsubishi FG Fuso 4x4 overland camper

    this looks great! Is it 4x4? any pictures of the driver side, it's hard to see the windows on that side.