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    anyone make bunk beds in the back of their suburban?

    i was wondering if anyone had used the back with a small lift so a kid could sleep on top w/ maybe mom and dad under. not all the way to shoulder height, but maybe high waist?
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    avalanche specific question - camper shell

    i think i found my answer -
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    avalanche specific question - camper shell

    anyone have a camper shell on an avalanche? can you use it with the bed covers still in place? i was wondering if i could put an air mattress on the bed for me and the wife, and another on the bed cover for my daughter, and everyone sleeps "inside"? been searching but haven't found any pics...
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    94 M1078 in Charlotte NC not mine, not affiliated, but thought someone may be interested
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    short bus ready for conversion

    not mine, but my uncle. he's looking to sell the short bus he used as a traveling library. not 4x4, but could be a camper fairly easy.
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    anyone hang a hammock INSIDE their suv?

    Technically it worked, but I would not recommend. Felt like I was pressed against the side of the vehicle and my gmt800 front seats don't lay way back like the pathfinder in the video.
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    anyone hang a hammock INSIDE their suv?

    i'm thinking extensions to the front tow hooks. I'm going to try it the weekend maybe.
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    anyone hang a hammock INSIDE their suv?

    I was watching a video last night, where a guy had set up 2 hammocks inside his Nissan Xterra. Seemed like an idea i'd like to try. The only thing was, he parked facing a tree, and used it as an anchor point for the hammocks outside the vehicle, for that end of the hammocks. (used a ratchet...
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    Folding hammock recommendations?

    look up turtle dog hammock stand. I made mine for the beach.
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    square body suburban in Raleigh NC

    not mine, but got half the miles my ride has, at twice the age.
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    Jeep Go Topless Day

    coverage from the newspaper
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    quigley van in SE NC

    not associated, just thought someone may be interested
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    Oregon Inlet NC Surf Fishing and Camping (and a quick preview)

    you can camp overnight on the beach at Carolina beach, but it's not near as pretty as the OBX.
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    91 LandCruiser in south east NC

    (edit - I forgot I was a member there already, i'm posting it now) and on a side note, I used to have a Buell X1 that I loved.
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    91 LandCruiser in south east NC

    this one belongs to a friend of mine, he's taken good care of it. "I am debating selling my 91 Land Cruiser, I LOVE this thing, but I NEED an older, small, 4x4 Toyota pickup because I don’t have a utility trailer, and it seems I always need to haul something! I have taken GREAT care of this...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    best Australian accent - ".. now 'ats a knife..."
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    bread truck converted to beach buggy?

    not mine, just saw this for sale and thought "no way" but then I found this trip report by chance, and they got a shot of it in the wild
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    Cheapest LC 100 in the country?

    cheapest? maybe
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    LX 450 on the NC coast

    sorry, i thought i had linked the album in imgur in my post above, apparently it's just that same photo again. here's the link to more photos and number
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    1997 4x4 ambulance in VA

    not mine, just thought I'd share