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    For Sale: Blue Sea ML-ACR Smart Solenoid

    Price drop. 75 plus shipping OBO.
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    For Sale: Blue Sea ML-ACR Smart Solenoid

    Selling a used working Blue Sea ML-ACR. Removed only to change setup to DC to DC charger. Works perfectly. No remote switch included. I didn't use the remote switch on my XP Camper the automatic feature works perfectly. Asking 100.00. Plus the ride.
  3. J

    XPCamper and low mileage Dodge Ram 2500

    Very nice camper! These vehicles are incredibly comfortable and capable. I absolutely love my XP! Good luck with sale!
  4. J

    FS: BRAND NEW - Leatt 5.5 Body Protector

    Selling a New Without Tags Leatt 5.5 Body Protector. Size L/XL. Only selling because I went a different direction for gear choice. NEVER worn, took tags off and hung in closet. Asking $220.00 plus 10 bucks for the ride...
  5. J

    FS: GoPower 30 Amp Solar Controller

    I am selling a used GP-PWM-30 GoPower Solar Controller. 100 percent functional when pulled out of camper. Asking 40.00 bucks plus 8 for the ride. Located in Carlsbad, CA.
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    Aftermarket Seats: Recaro Expert Vs. Scheel-Mann Vario F

    Hi all! I am in need of something to replace my horrendous seats in my 3rd Gen Dodge Ram 3500 based XP Camper. The factory seats are torture devices and a long day in the saddle wreaks havoc on my back. I am currently looking at the the Scheel Mann and Recaro options. Does anyone have...
  7. J

    Magnum MS2000 Pure Sine Inverter/Charger for sale

    Still available? Willing to ship?
  8. J

    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I was originally sold on the idea that this would be a viable competitor to the 4x4 Sprinter. After going and looking at one today, it seems this is not the case. The clearance is horrendous. The shock mounts are insanely low, not crazy pro master rear axle low, but for an AWD it's bad. And...
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    Need recommendations: FSR High Country tri-layer -OR- CVT Mt. Baker/Mt. St. Helens?

    I had a chance to spend the weekend in my CVT Mt. Baker. My first real experience with it. Overall, I can say that I would be pretty pissed if I paid full price for this unit. At the 40 percent discount, it comes in at a price point that otherwise cannot be beat and is worth dealing with the...
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    Need recommendations: FSR High Country tri-layer -OR- CVT Mt. Baker/Mt. St. Helens?

    I ended up going with the Mt Baker by CVT during the 40 percent off sale. There were some small issues with the tent that I am not concerned about such as a logo peeling and the ladder bag being ripped. Was kinda disappointed when I reached out about the bag and was told that they do not carry...
  11. J

    Where did Campteq go?

    Reviving an old thread. Has anyone ran across a 100 pop top conversion in the U.S.?
  12. J

    Alu-Cab Khaya Camper

    Anyone test fit one of these on the new Ranger or Colorado yet? It would be nice to be able to shop around on different truck platforms.
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    New Alu-cab Khaya Camper for sale in US - details with pricing now available

    I have learned that you basically have to ignore any of the Payload recommendations for any of the midsize trucks in order to make these campers work. Scary part is if you need warranty work on the drive train, Chevy will definitely give you hell on honoring the warranty when they find out you...
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    New Alu-cab Khaya Camper for sale in US - details with pricing now available

    Anyone put one of these on the new Diesel Colorado ZR2 Bison? I think this could be a perfect combination of offroad capability from the factory an fuel economy that cannot be beat in any that class of truck.
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    Which Global Overland 4x4 Truck is Best for a FWC Hawk Flatbed?

    These are all great points, and some great suggestions. I have been looking at these FWC / Norweld setups for a long time. The rigs I continually see are clearly ignoring the vehicles payload rating. For example, I have seen a Colorado ZR2 with Norweld bed and Flatbed Hawk. The Hawk ALONE...