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  1. Wazak

    1124 AF Double Cab

    Good luck with your quest, the DVLA doesn't seem to know or care which vehicles are on their so called list of approved vehicles. You could always go down the route of SVA but that could give you more grief than enough. Brian Reynolds did that with a Leyland Daf T244 that he converted, He's over...
  2. Wazak

    Departure angle and location of spare tire on Pinz 710M

    It will be interesting to follow your build on this. We, my wife and me have looked at quite a few Pinzgaures and got to drive a 718 T bodied one off road which was amazing, and definitely sold us on the idea. I need to get my finger out and sell my present camper before I can buy anything else.
  3. Wazak

    Departure angle and location of spare tire on Pinz 710M

    What materials are you using for the camper body? I'd have thought that a 710 is a tad short.
  4. Wazak

    Intorduce myself with my 60`s shorthood Mercedes Truck

    That's a tidy looking vehicle Jakob. I've always liked the Short bonnet trucks.
  5. Wazak

    1958 Unimog 404 with cabover flex

    I was beginning to think that this project was dead in the water
  6. Wazak

    2020 EarthCruiser?

    That Is a nice looking rig!
  7. Wazak

    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Well done Simon I hope that you don't find any leaks at all. Pinkies crossed for yo
  8. Wazak

    A built FG649 at Watagans

    I've watched the videos of this Canter for a while and both it and it's owner are very capable off road.
  9. Wazak

    MB Atego 4x4: ex-fire truck conversion to expedition support truck

    You have a nice truck there Aleksey. Unfortunately I understood very little of the dialogue but that's my bad not yours. I like the idea of the elevated shower platform and the in cab beds. Barry
  10. Wazak

    FGB71 super singles type approval?

    Brad try Svtech in Leyland Lancashire 01772 621800.
  11. Wazak

    J-Spec FG638E

    What year is this truck? I like the look of it. Did you import it direct or through a company?
  12. Wazak

    Diving in Head First!

    Here's a Bearmach one...
  13. Wazak

    Diving in Head First!

    With regards to the to the to the Defender mirrors you can also get an extended length arm which I think originally fitted on the 400 series Sherpa I'll see if I can find a part number for them. I fitted them to aa Defender 90 when I ised to tow a Caravan.
  14. Wazak

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    Nice one Sheik it's looking pretty good
  15. Wazak

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    🤣🤣🤣 well it is a Mercedes 4x4
  16. Wazak

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    Nice one Sheik. 👍👍👍
  17. Wazak

    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    Pinkies crossed for you 🤞🤞🤞
  18. Wazak

    1958 Unimog 404 with cabover flex

    I'm pleased that Rosie is on the mend, Thanks for the reply 👍👍👍👍
  19. Wazak

    1958 Unimog 404 with cabover flex

    How is you're dog now?
  20. Wazak

    New Project and it's M.A.N sized.

    Well done David.