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    WTB 1960-1970 Land Rover Series II or IIA

    Hi all long time lurker but finally looking to get into some small overnighters and I've been cruising for a Land Rover Series II or IIA 1960-1970 for a while and haven't seen much that wasn't hugely expensive or a rusting hulk. Ideally one with a galvanized chassis , seats for 3, parabolic...
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    1996 Land Rover Discovery

    PM'd you with a couple questions.
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    FS: 1969 Land Rover Series IIA 88 - Restored, Upgraded, With Trailer

    Hey, Sent you a PM just before Christmas. Did you get it?
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    Yes, Another Suspension Question

    Hey guys, Been lurking here for awhile and have finally made the choice to post a question. I've got an '04 DC TRD Taco and am looking to upgrade the suspension. It currently has the Stock Tokico shocks on the back and My rear springs are flat/seem to have a negative arch. I'm looking at the...
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    Spring Cleaning...Garage Sale

    I might be interested in the custom rack/car top tent. Could you send the additional photos to grahamzr at
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    Aux Fuel Tank or Extended Tanks for Classic

    Look up he installed a long range fuel tank in his range rover. believe he's since sold the Range Rover but I contacted him awhile back and was a cool guy. More than happy to let you know where he got it.