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  1. brentbba

    GAIA City maps

    I've dumped my Garmin Overlander and seriously looking at a tablet for use with GAIA. I've read most of the threads here and the off road usage seems to be hands down one of if not the best now available. Is it as good with their city maps for on road navigation??
  2. brentbba

    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    Wait - you are trying to buy a signing by signing? :giggle: Isn't that Bribery? Sorry, just couldn't resist the grammar police since we're talking about talking with the police. :rolleyes:
  3. brentbba

    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    Just caught up on this thread. Kind of got off track on what you've got to an interesting discussion of CCW. Just got my NV, UT and AZ CCW's and hopefully CA here shortly. Interview with the OC Sheriff and application went well. Read a lot of law about all four of these states and before...
  4. brentbba

    No Real Surprise Here...LC Owners Love Their Rigs

    I'm certainly one that would skew the LC number. Original owner of a '94 - 25 years, 257,000 miles and I'm NOT selling her!
  5. brentbba

    Shakey mirror fix with a printed bracket for the 80 series

    Thanks - hadn't seen it there! Does your bracket just extend out further to encompass the entire top of the mirror bracket then? Found the thread on MUD! I think one or more of my bottom screw mounts is pretty buggered. How does that bottom support work? Epoxy in place around the split...
  6. brentbba

    Shakey mirror fix with a printed bracket for the 80 series

    Would love to see more than the pics on your Etsy page to understand better how this works as I've used the shaky mirror fix from Mud with the zip ties for years and it's worked pretty well. Have you posted in the 80's section in IH8MUD too? You might increase your sales exponentially if this...
  7. brentbba

    Taking care of james baroud roof top tent

    This cover. Mine was still in the shipping box when I picked it up and this cover was on the tent in the box.
  8. brentbba

    Garmin Overlander

    Mine showed up too. Only have had time to do an initial charge and update of software and maps. Bought it because this 'appears' to be the first real crossover by Garmin to satisfy both on road and off road use. I've had the Garmin Drivetracker 71 for a year or so and had only purchased that...
  9. brentbba

    Taking care of james baroud roof top tent

    Mine was still in it's box when I arrived. Polyester cover with the JB logo on it was covering the fiberglass top when we opened the box. Sorry, I don't have a pic.
  10. brentbba

    Taking care of james baroud roof top tent

    The panel surround or the panel itself too? Never thought about doing that.
  11. brentbba

    Taking care of james baroud roof top tent

    Wow! Nice work! Seriously, nice work bringing that roof back to life!
  12. brentbba

    Taking care of james baroud roof top tent

    Two thoughts - Marine grade polish applied regularly. Boat product as the fiberglass on boats is in the sun constantly too! Second suggestion would be a custom cover. If the truck is your daily driver, it'd be a pain, but...might be worth it. I've used the little protective cover JB ships...
  13. brentbba

    James Baroud vs. AZ Sun

    SoCal sun with me, and yes, not as bad as what you get in AZ! Based on a recommendation of a friend with a 5+ year old Maggiolina, he HIGHLY suggested finding the best boating fiberglass cleaner/protectant with UV protectant and use it very regularly! From memory, I settled on Meguiar's...
  14. brentbba

    Differences between Golf vs Hunting Rangefinders

    I too have 'moved away' from my rangefinder...for the most part. We just remodeled our course and three new green complexes need to be remapped by the GPS gods that update course info. Until then I shoot the flag on those holes with the rangefinder if I need to. I'd won the Garmin GPS watch...
  15. brentbba

    Use of WAG bags and PETT potties

    Always been a one use person for #2 and a tree for #1. First trip ever with them in '06 I 'stored' the used bags zipped up and inside a well sealed Home Depot orange bucket - not good in the truck! I've used a Trashroo ever since they were introduced to keep the smell at bay OUTSIDE the truck.
  16. brentbba

    97 RADIATOR replacement PARTS list HELP

    Absolutely replace all the hoses you are removing when you replace the radiator. Also, in deference to this wonderful site, you may find more information over in the 80's section of IH8MUD. There's a superb FAQ there that may have all your answers. While this is a superb overlanding site, MUD...
  17. brentbba

    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    A rally doesn't kill people. Cars and gun is different in my mind. We require more training to drive a car than we do to own a gun. Even the most basic training is better than nothing. I hate what Commifornia is doing to us law abiding gun owners. They throw up as many roadblocks as...
  18. brentbba

    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    Defend or purchase? To answer your question directly, not at all, just that some training is better than none IMHO and that's just me. I took a full day class before even considering purchasing my first handgun. Here in Commifornia, you have to take a simple little 35 question test based on a...
  19. brentbba

    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    In the most simple terms...laws don't apply to criminals...anywhere! All the draconian laws in California only affect law abiding citizens. I'm all for a TRAINED citizen owning and carrying. Right now that even varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction within California. The long term goal...
  20. brentbba

    JB Owners Question

    I hear and feel your pain on the velcro strip at the base of the doors! Not easy at all to seal well! Sounds like you otherwise 'weathered' the storm! I think I'll take my desert freight train winds over what you describe!!!