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  1. NHBeast

    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    Another engine option 2018 Ford Raptor 3.5L 450 HP 510 TQ 0-60 5.1 seconds Tows a 2800 lb travel trailer...12mpg. Always in the Boost Limited payload... installed Roadmaster Active Suspension Change oil often Fun factor is high
  2. NHBeast

    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    My Raptor has a payload of 1000 lbs. Project M weighs under 500lbs. Add 15 gallons of water, small solar setup, cooler, camp stove, people, lightweight buildout, and some gear...there is the 1000lbs. No dust issues with my Leer cap. Used pipe and foam insulation. A Maxxair roof fan could be...
  3. NHBeast

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    North Maine Woods
  4. NHBeast

    Adventure Through Maine's Allagash Wilderness

    I haven't been to the PNW in ages, went for the climbing back in the day. Wish I'd spent more time in CO/ time. Regarding NMW, how many miles did you cover between points A and J on your map. My rough Google estimation is around 150 miles. Am I close? My tank is 26 gallons and will...
  5. NHBeast

    Adventure Through Maine's Allagash Wilderness

    Thanks for the timely post. Going up there in the near future. Will be going solo. Took a fall trip to CO and UT last year. Want to stay local this time.
  6. NHBeast

    Cinnamon Pass, Alpine Loop, San Juan County, Colorado

    Enjoyed your video. Did the loop out of Silverton last fall. There was a light on and off rain that day. The views were impressive.
  7. NHBeast

    Canada - Roaming Rally 2019

    Would a Ford Raptor Scab be too wide? Asking for a friend... Did the Roaming Rally a few years ago on a KTM 690 with a team from NH. Had a good time! The 690 got traded for an 1190 which is too much for this old man to be dragging thru the wilderness of Canada.
  8. NHBeast

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    First post. The rig. Had to take a Road Trip. Living room/kitchen/bed room On the Alpine Loop out of Silverton and back. Cinnamon and Engineers Passes. Canyonlands White Rim Trail, lots of red dust! Think Mars. Met some mountain bikers. She offered to take my picture. I did not return the...