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  1. bajaphile

    2000 F250 with stock 7.3L / 2020 OEV CampX #40

    They did an article on the truck a couple years ago.
  2. bajaphile

    FS: Ford F250/F350 Fuel Tank Skidplate in SoCal

    The fuel tanks are different between shortbed and longbed models. This would most likely fit a shortbed fuel tank if it didn't bolt up to your longbed, regardless of 4wd/2wd models.
  3. bajaphile

    2012 Toyota Tacoma with Flippac (86k miles) $15k OBO

    ... man seeing one of my favorite "secret" camp sites I've gone to for 40 years on an online ad always brings me down. Just thought the last couple years were busy due to COVID haha. Damnit.
  4. bajaphile

    Bloose Build! 1982 Ford F250

    He mentioned in one of his posts he uses for the laser cutting.
  5. bajaphile

    Roaming Lost: 2022 RAM 3500

    Did I miss why you changed out the Toyos?
  6. bajaphile

    CUCV to Camper - Building a cheap army vehicle into a baja rig

    Nice pics! Always gives me a drop in the stomach feeling seeing those locations on the internet though! haha. My dad took me down to those exact spots in the late 80s. We would camp there 1-2 weeks at a time in the winters and never see another truck... good memories there.
  7. bajaphile

    SOLD --- 1999-2004 Ford Super Duty 4" Leaf Springs (Front Only)

    SOLD 1/27/2022. Hi All, These FRONT springs were custom built locally in Escondido Ca by North County Springs about a year ago. The springs are in great shape and only have 5k miles on them. Only reason I took them off was to install some PMF springs. These springs have similar to stock spring...
  8. bajaphile

    2019 F350 6.2L 4WD build thread; HPI flatbed, ATO AterraXL composite camper, Carli/King, 37s, 4.88s, etc

    Any additional information on making the Transferflow tank work in a gas truck? I'd do anything to throw in a larger tank into my short bed 2001 F350 (short bed). As far as the Falken AT3/W, I have only run them on my F350 and not on any other vehicle. Coming from a 25 year span of having only...
  9. bajaphile

    WTB: red scepter 20L, so cal

    I have a tan one in good condition not being used anymore. In North County, San Diego. $50
  10. bajaphile

    2005 V8 vvti 4x4 4Runner Limited - San Diego

    Hi All, I just purchased this vehicle from a friend as my next 4x4 project, but now deciding to just sell it as is in its unmodified, unmolested state. This is located in North County San Diego. 2005 Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition 4x4 Stratosphere Blue V8 with vvti 5 speed automatic...
  11. bajaphile

    Raptor w/ GFC Camper

    That thing is sweet. Would like to see what it looks like with all those LP6's on looking down a wide open desert wash.
  12. bajaphile

    Is my steering box bad?

    The O-rings for my Red Head came in the in the shipping invoice / packing slip envelope FYI.
  13. bajaphile

    37s and Sway Bar Rubbing – Thoughts?

    I don't see it on your list, but if it were me, I'd probably just run 1" wheel adapters in the front, see if that fixed it without causing interference in the wheel well, then ordering a set of wheels with 0 offset?
  14. bajaphile

    why not many new Chevs or GMC full size trucks?

    I would assume it is a price tag thing. There are however a lot of expensive rigs, especially on this forum. For myself and my friends who share the same sentiment as I do...I just couldn't mentally handle buying a new rig only to scratch, dent and beat it up. That being said, I really like...
  15. bajaphile

    All-in-One House Battery Charging

    I've been interested on these DC-DC chargers, but am confused on what they are for? I am obviously missing something. 30-40 years ago, I simply wired in an isolator to charge my batteries when the alternator was running, and separate when no charging source. Now I've been running the Blue Seas...
  16. bajaphile

    Simple Renogy Suitcase Solar Panel Mod

    Nice! Just be careful on a windy day! :) These renogy suitcase panels are pretty heavy though, I'm sure they'll be fine. Love mine being heavy as I am always camping in the wind.
  17. bajaphile

    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    I've owned only Toyota 4x4's since the 80s and got my first Ford back in January. 2001 F350 V10. Enjoying it for the most part!
  18. bajaphile

    BNIB - HappiJac Tie Down System For Full Sized Truck

    Brand new in box, never opened. I was going to get a slide in camper with external tie rods, but ended up finding a FWC in my price range. This fits most all Ford/Dodge/Chevy trucks from the 90's til present, please double check your fitment. I bought this to fit my 2001 Ford F350. I missed...
  19. bajaphile

    How much off road can I do w my 2WD SMB?

    A locker and low air pressure will help, but heavy vans will get stuck just looking at sand. I've spent a lot of time camped on the beach and I've literally pulled out 10-15 full sized vans in my life. Generally you're not driving on the beach to surf spots anyways, so as long as you're on the...