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    Bump Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Bump. Lots of snow this season..... Grab some brand new gear. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Bump Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    MEN'S RIDGE INFINITY SHELL PANTS Also in size Large and Slate color. Made for backcountry touring, these lightweight, shell ski pants have our extremely waterproof and breathable LIFA INFINITY™ technology, which gives you durable and responsible protection without the use of chemicals...
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    Up for sale are Helly Hanslen Ski / Snowboard pants. These are men's in size Large and brand new with tags. Color is slate. Helly gear is amazing, many mountains, including Mammoth, use Helly as the issued gear to their employees. Sogn Insulated Cargo Pants: These sturdy, insulated, cargo...
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    Currie 60 JK Front axle + AEV Lift and Steering

    Great start to build a sweet Jeep Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    La Sportiva mountain boots

    These appear to be the Makalu. La Sportiva made at least 2 different models. Makalu - heavier leather and accepted step in crampons. I am not sure if the newer version deleted the step in crampon option Makalu M Hike - thinner leather and do not accept step in crampons. Hard to tell from the...
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    La Sportiva mountain boots

    Fwiw, i have found la sportiva a little better if your foot is on the wider side. Scarpa for the narrower foot. Both make excellent mountaineering boots. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Goal Zero Venture 75 Portable Power Banks BRAND NEW - ALL SOLD

    Have you sold anything here on expedition portal? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    (SOLD) '21 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Diesel, Metalcloak, Fox, 37s... (Oregon)

    Wow, CLEAN build. if i was in the market and had the cash I would be all over this. GLWS.
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    Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

    I think 4 wheel parts has $200 back on BFGs (that is likely for 4 tires). And I thought Americas Tire (same as Discount depending on your location) also had something on BFGs.
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    Moving a Flatbed FWC Without a Flatbed Truck

    Flat bed tow truck, but that won't be cheap. You could rent a large moving truck with a lift gate. Ryder has a 26' I think with a pretty large liftgate.
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    Near new expedition LMTV high end build

    Just curious . . . it sat at a dealer, unsold, for 8 years?
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    Having Difficulty Pricing my F-150 to Sell

    You can always price it a little bit high and then keep lowering the price. When you hit the sweet spot it will sell.
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    TJ hydro boost brake upgrade

    This is indeed the solution. The guy behind Black Magic Brakes couldn't throw my Wilwood calipers in the trash fast enough.
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    Anyone familiar with Skinny Guy Truck Tent Campers?

    I spent some time on their site. Weird design. I like how it all closes up, but that's about it.
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    New F-350 Order Question- Planning for Bigger Tires

    I would say the FX4 is worth it for the skid plates, hill assist and descent (if you want those features). The best advice is above in post #3 by @TexasSixSeven @tacollie and @montypower
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    Order 2023 F-350 FX4 Question When Planning Suspension Upgrade?

    Looks like everything is being answered in your other thread. Not sure why you started a new one.
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    Synthetic winch line?

    @Metcalf any line recommendations for a Warn HS9500i? Thanks
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    DANA 60 mod

    I would ONLY use Dana/Spicer parts and Timken bearings on a Dana 60 that is destined for any serious use. Those will all be the best quality parts you can get for a Dana axle. If you are sitting in water for any length of time, then you should be draining your axle, cleaning the inside and...