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  1. nckwltn

    FS: ARB 2500x2500 Awning & Touring Awning Room - SoCal

    Previous owner of the LX 470 included this ARB 2500 x 2500 Awning and 2000 x 2500 ARB Touring Awning Room. I've only used the awning a couple times, and have never used the awning room except to set it up in my driveway. As far as I can tell the room is in like new condition. No damage...
  2. nckwltn

    Taillight guards for gen 2/2.5 - socal free

    Dm me if you can pick up these taillight guards. I'm in Santa Clarita (**not Santa Clara). I pulled these off a gen 2 at pick a part several years ago, and never put them on my 2.5... when I sold the 2.5 I forgot I had these, and the new owner isn't able to come pick them up.
  3. nckwltn

    SOLD: Edgestar FP430 - 43 quart Fridge - SoCal

    SOLD Asking: $250, local pick up only I bought this fridge 3 years ago from another expo member. Has worked, and still works great. I recently purchased a larger Dometic fridge. The previous owner wrapped most of the fridge in additional insulation. The fridge does also come with an insulated...
  4. nckwltn

    SOLD - 1999 Mitsubishi Montero - Winter Package - 187k Miles - SoCal

    SOLD: 1999 Mitsubishi Montero - Winter Package - 187k Miles - SoCal Located in Santa Clarita, CA I’m selling my 1999 Montero (winter package) with 187,000 miles. See my notes below about getting smog passed to sell. I’m actually a little sad now to sell, because it’s running as good or better...
  5. nckwltn

    Gen 2.5 - 3rd row seats, keep/sell/toss?

    Anyone do anything interesting with their 3rd row seats? Mine have been out in my garage and more recently outside for the last 3 years. Thinking about tossing them in bin. Any reason to keep them? My 2 kids are going to be in car seats/booster seats for a few more years (not sure if a modern...
  6. nckwltn

    Calling gen 2 MY '97 owners - catalytic converter photo & measurements needed

    Can someone with a Gen 2 1997 take a picture of the catalytic converter as wide as you can to get as much of the exhaust system as possible, and measure the length of the catalytic converter from one flange to the other. I have a 99 and I would like to know if this bolt in option for a...
  7. nckwltn

    CA Owners - Smog Results

    I'm having difficulty passing smog. I'm JUST passing on the 15 mph test, and am failing on the 25 mph test. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to think that CA is making it more and more difficult to pass smog, such that a well running vehicle that is a little older will slowly be squeezed out...
  8. nckwltn

    Gen 3, 2003 Hydraulic Brake Booster HBB - Failure and Fix!

    If you have a Gen3, I'm pretty confident that unless the motor has been replaced, this is a problem that could pop up at any moment for you. I've got 166k miles on my 03. Summary: Hydraulic Brake Boosters commonly fail on Gen 3s. It's likely the motor, but could be the accumulator. You can find...
  9. nckwltn

    Gen 3 - p0171 and sometimes p0174 - possible fix

    After smoke testing my engine, I found a pretty substantial leak from the front of the lower intake plenum, right where the vacuum actuator turns the rod that all the butterfly valves are attached to. I found that squirting some carb cleaner in the area the smoke came from caused the engine to...
  10. nckwltn

    Anyone monitoring air intake temps?

    While out today, the outside air temps didn't go much above 90. While driving down the highway (60+ mph) my air intakes were very similar to outside air temp levels..... but when moving along in 4 low, my air intake temp was hitting 160. I've got to think that a HUGE increase like that has...
  11. nckwltn

    Help needed diagnosing intermittent overdrive '99 Gen 2.5

    '99 - Gen 2.5 - 161k miles A couple of weeks back on my way home from work, my transmission began shifting in and out of over drive, ie jumping from ~3k to ~4k. The button on the gear selector seems to work just fine. If I use the switch to disengage OD, my RPMs don't jump around and the...
  12. nckwltn

    Spring options for gen 3?

    I need to slap on some new struts on the front of my 03. While j have everything apart, was thinking about replacing the spring too. At 164k miles. They feel sad. Problem is, outside of OME, I cant seem to find a replacement spring. I'm OK with keeping thing stock height, and one lifts around...
  13. nckwltn

    Gen 3, 3.8L - actual engine temp?

    After what I think was a failed fan clutch, which lead to a minor over-heat, which lead to a water pump gasket failure (followed by me forgetting to put the radiator cap back on and emptying out all of my coolant again) I've got my 03 back on the road.... And yes, it is possible to change the...
  14. nckwltn

    Factory amp location, 2nd battery?

    Has anyone considered putting a 2nd battery in the box that houses the factory amp on a gen 2.5? for some reason, I just noticed the box sitting below the rear passenger seat for the first time. it looks big enough to hold a 2nd battery, but am not really sure of the inside dimensions, or the...
  15. nckwltn

    Gen 3, horn wouldn't stop going off - With Fix!

    the Gen 3's have a common issue. When it gets cold, the horn will activate. Well, this happened to me (or rather my wife) while I was on a business trip to NYC. She calls me at 4 in the morning LA time and I can hear the horn on the car just blaring. So I proceed to walk her through how to...
  16. nckwltn

    FS - Gen 2/2.5 Front seat components

    This is mine
  17. nckwltn

    FS - Montero Gen2/2.5 Front Seat Parts & other Misc items

    **Updated 12/1 Moving in a few weeks, don't want to take any of this with me. Prefer local pick up, zip code 91344, but will ship at your cost. Link to higher quality photos: PM me if you want something, post to the thread with questions. SOLD - - 2...
  18. nckwltn

    Thinking about moving spare closer to hinge

    I'm thinking about moving the spare tire on the back door over a few inches so it's closer to the hinge. That will give me room to the left of the tire to mount a jerry can and perhaps a high lift. My plan is to install some horizontal rails into the existing tire carrier holes (I'm aware that...
  19. nckwltn

    Does a Gen 2/2.5 low fuel light illuminate when starting?

    Several of the dummy lights illuminate when starting the vehicle. That way you know the light works, and just isn't burnt out (or removed). Last night on my way home, heading up hill the low fuel light came on (I was low), a little further up the next hill I noticed that the light wasn't...
  20. nckwltn

    Want to install bouncy seats in your 2.5, read here

    So last weekend I installed a pair of bouncy seat bases into my gen 2.5. Here are some things I learned: Bouncy seat bottom leather is not the same as the gen 2.5 leather, but you can make it fit onto the bouncy seat bottom foam cushion and frame with a little work (see video) A power driver's...