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    Show your Thumper!!

    My all roader
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    22 BS thread

    Farthest kill was 165 yards on coyote. Skunks and armadillos were harder to hit at the range Sometimes needed follow up shot. The Hornet extended the range from the house without having to let all the neighbors know when I shot something. It’s loud enough but not like a bigger centerfire.
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    22 BS thread

    Both Ruger 77/22 The stainless boat paddle stock is 22 long rifle. The walnut stock is 22 Hornet with after market trigger and is so fun to shoot. I bought the Hornet in 94 as soon as Ruger came out with it for farm use. I’m a fan of the rotary clips and both guns have served me well.
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    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    Dog days mean creek time in the Tennessee
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    My Journey

    Awesome thread! I’ve been looking at maps too. A kayak float from Carters Ferry to Fort Benton would be cool. Lots of Lewis and Clark history on the Missouri. Wherever you take us we’ll enjoy it! Safe travels
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    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    Timing belt and water pump should be replaced every 100,000 miles for preventative maintenance. The Nav models and the KDSS models just add a level of complexity that may need addressing at some point. I’d recommend finding a non nav non KDSS model and if over 100,000 miles if the timing belt...
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    midsize Ford Ranger pickup, Bronco SUV coming in a couple of years ? I'd be happy with one of these.