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    Who Has Scheel-Mann seats??

    User “turbodb” installed them in his Tacoma. Here’s his his install and opinions:
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    3rd Gen 4Runner Parts

    I'll have to see if I still have these. It might be a couple weeks because they are not where I am currently.
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    3rd Gen 4Runner Parts

    What specifically are you looking for?
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    3rd Gen 4Runner Parts

    I think I still have these. Where are you located? It's not worth it to me to ship since they are so big.
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    FS: Scepter & Wedco Fuel, Water Cans and Spouts

    Interested in used fuel spout if still available. Shipping to 95409. Thanks!
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    Death Valley Exploration

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I hope to get back to DV this spring, as well.
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 22re, 5 Speed - Bay Area, CA

    Thanks for the kind words! PMs replied.
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 22re, 5 Speed - Bay Area, CA

    Interior pics. I also do not have the rear headrests - they weren't on there when I bought it. There are also a couple tears on the removable top headliner foam.
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5, 22re, 5 Speed - Bay Area, CA

    SOLD SOLD SOLD It's with a heavy heart that I put my 86 4Runner up for sale. It has been a sweet rig and I love it, however needs change, family will be coming eventually, and my 99 4Runner fits us better at this point in our lives. It's time for the 86 to find another loving family that can...
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    3rd Gen 4Runner Parts

    I have some parts from a 97 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4x4 for sale. Most will interchange with 1996-2002 4Runners. All I have is what is listed. Pickup on the larger items, or can ship on your dime. I am near Santa Rosa, CA (North Bay). I only have what is listed. Some of these parts also work on...
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    3rd Gen 4runner Having Odd AT Issues

    It may seem random, but how old is your battery? I have heard of similar issues with these auto transmissions due to a weak or old battery. Google it. It's weird. Many people had similar types of issues. It seems that it could be right after starting that it has the issues because it sucked...
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    1st Generation Toyota 4Runner's.....

    Thanks! It is the Saline Warm Springs (commonly referred to as Lower Springs) in Saline Valley in Death Valley National Park. There is also Palm Hot Springs just up the wash from here and another more undeveloped one further up the wash still.
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    1st Generation Toyota 4Runner's.....

    I just posted in the show me your Toyota 4Runner, truck, etc, thread, but I'll get this thread going again, too: :drool: My 1986 4Runner SR5, 5 speed, 22re, 4x4. All power options, etc, etc.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    I'll play! My 1986 4Runner SR5, 5 speed, 22re, 4x4. All power options, etc, etc. My 1999 4Runner SR5, 5 speed, 5VZ-FE, 4x4.
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    "Skinny" Tires...

    I've been flip flopping about the 265/70/16 vs 235/85/16 as well. Luckily I have some time to think about it. Here are a couple other discussions on skinny vs wide tires:
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    98 4Runner - Dirt Duster Build

    Awesome review! :Wow1: Thanks! I have my LC coils already, but need to get the rest together soon. My saggy stock springs and shocks are shot. I don't know how I missed this on T4r.
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    98 4Runner - Dirt Duster Build

    Great looking rig! With the Tundra/LC lift, what are your hub to fender measurements? I'm looking into the same lift and any help with the amount of lift would be great. Thanks!
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    Are your expedition/overland vehicles auto, or stick?

    Bingo, at least in the 3rd gen 4Runners, this was the case. I believe that the overdrive on the auto was 0.705 and on the manuals, 0.838. To answer the original question, both my 86 and 99 4Runners are sticks - I didn't want an auto.