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    CL Find - 2007 100 Series, $14k, OKC
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    SOLD - Cargo Box w/ Fridge Slide-Out, $100, DFW

    $100 Overall: 32"x41"x23" (LxWxH) Slide: 15"x27" (Interior (holds Yeti Tundra 45 50)) Box: 21"x20" (Interior) I bought my first Land Cruiser a few years back, and this was my first purchase to help me become an Overlander. Soon after this more babies showed up, and I have yet to be more...
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    1997 Dunlop Grandtrek Tire

    This tire is from my 1998 Landcruiser and looks like a factory original. I don't know if a 19 year old tire has any value, but make me an offer if you want it. I'm in the Dallas area.
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    Factory Jack Replacements

    I'm looking for input from others who have replaced their factory jack and/or tool kit. Sitting stock and without a place to secure/ or lift with a Hi Lift, I want a clean solution that fits in the stock location. I need to retain some original tools so I can still lower the rear tire, but I'd...
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    Switching motor oil from synthetic to conventional

    I bought a 1998 Landcruiser last month with 215,000 miles. The previous owner switched to synthetic oil (Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil) in the motor somewhere around 150,000 miles, and I'm wondering if I need to stick with a synthetic oil. I prefer Valvoline, and while...
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    Almost Complete Adventure Trailer

    Last year I purchased a home built trailer from a member of my local Jeep club who had to sell due to an untimely job relocation. I had hopes that I could get it one step closer to being trail worthy, but life was too busy to complete the job. It needs some finishing before you can get it on...
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    Potential New Owner

    I've had my eye on a local LC100 for a while now, and I think it's time to make a purchase. The leather is a little worn, but it isn't torn. And it has 215K on the clock, but there are several receipts that looks like too much money was spent on maintenance (good for me though). Based on the...
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    Which gravel tire?

    After an offroad ride this past weekend, something larger than a 32mm tire is in order for the gravel grinder. The new tires should be in the 41mm range and will go on my 2009 Specialized TriCross carrying a 210lb fat guy. Some research indicates I like the Surly Knard and Clement MSO. Both...