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    2013 e350 ext. 5.4, NM Govdealsx2

    No relation, both seem to need work, but reman engines and transmissions may be relatively cheap. Sorry if anyone was planning on bidding before I...
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    $75k!!!! 2007 Chevrolet C4500 4x4 ambulance Utah

    No relation to seller or vehicle. I think crazy expensive, but I will share here. " * Pass Through Storage Passengers Side " Overland Camper (DIY) 6x4 AWD 2007 Chevrolet C4500 6.6L Duramax Diesel...
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    2008 C5500 4x4. Missouri $27,700

    No relation to seller or vehicle. I’m pretty sure this has emissions. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
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    e450 7.3 Diesel vs v10 vs wait 10 years for 7.3 gas cutaway as a base for custom camper box

    I found an e450 2002 7.3 diesel cutaway (ambulance box removed) with less than 120k that is very reasonably priced. I am trying to convince my wife and myself that this would be a good platform to build off of. Last year I found a 2012 with the v10 and less than 100k miles for decent price as...
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    2007 Ford F550 Super Duty $30K, Missouri

    No relation to seller.|fruendly_auto_source This is a little rich for my blood, but I thought it looked cool. It does have the dreaded 6.0 diesel. Better than the...
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    2003 Ford F350 4x4 6.0 bulletproofed diesel eBay *auction* starting $24k 67k miles

    No Affiliation I thought I saw this posted but couldn't find it, so sorry if duplicate. From Add, "2003 Ford F350 4x4 DIESEL WHEELED COACH AMBULANCE. Condition is "Used". Runs and drives great. The engine has been bulletproofed with replaced head gaskets, arp studs, egr delete, ficm, and...
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    2000 Ford F-550 Regular Cab 4WD DRW box truck, 7.3L, WA, 131K miles,

    Not Affiliated Sorry if you were planning on bidding on this quietly. I just saw it and thought it looked cool, but too far away and too big for me to bid on it. F550 Box truck
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    Who has an E series 4x4 6.0 bulletproof diesel?

    I just talked to a salesman for Bulletproof and he said the oil cooler in the kit wasn’t designed for 4x4 vans, and their shop wouldn’t install it if it was 4x4. I was wondering who if anyone has a 4x4 E series that has successfully used their oil cooler. If so who did 4x4 and bulletproofing?
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    Thoughts on 2013 Ford E450 XLT Cutaway, Used chassis 6.8 V10, 65k miles, $7k

    No relation. The same dealer has this and the 99 E450 command center. I would like to get this add a TC box, do a DIY camper and then send to UJOR to convert to 4x4 and SRW. The black spray paint worries me, should it? They painted the tail pipe, but looks like they missed under the gas...
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    1999 Ford F450 command center, quigley 4wd 7.3 diesel 13k miles,$39K Missouri

    No relation, As of now wife said no, so I thought i would share. Looks like not much ground clearance?
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    2008 Chevrolet C4500 4X4, Connecticut,

    No relation, This one might go cheap enough to do something with. If this was an early 2007 I would be interested, but this should have the emission system.
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    No relation, forgot the link the first time Not interested, but figured someone on here might for the right price. Looks pretty rusty as a plow truck would.
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    1989 Ford Econoline E350 4WD Command Center Box Truck, 5k miles, Denver, CO

    No relation, and too old for me. But this thing looks sweet (at least it did when it was made). Curious to see what it goes for. I imagine it has to be close to the GVWR, if not over.
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    2008 K4500 4x4, 57k miles Vale, CO ~$20k Plus

    No relation, hopefully not a repeat. Only 1 day left. Even though used as a plow looks clean because used to spread sand, not salt. Too expensive for me, but looks nice.
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    1989 Isuzu FSR RESCUE 2wd, Albany, Oregon-Govdeals

    No Relation It has a 16' box (and standing height?). I'm not planning to bid on it, but I thought it looked interesting.
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    1996 Stewart & Stevenson M1078 4x4 flatbed with tank (water) trailer-Purdy, Missouri-$TBD govdeals

    No relation, I'm not interested, just passing on what I'm finding. These things do look cool though, I might have to read more about them.
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    1998 Stewart and Stevenson M1079-Kiowa, Colorado-Auction 22K

    No relation, hopefully not a repeat, only one day left.
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    Ambulance- 2002 Ford F-450 SD Regular Cab 4WD DRW-Verona, Virginia-auction 15k+

    No relation 3 days left. The good: 14' by 8' by 6' tall box, passthrough door, 7.3 engine, 91k miles, great tires, A/C worked when parked, no tears in seats, inverter, air ride The bad: batteries dead, fender damage, have...
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    C4500 cutaway 2wd $14,000 Middlebury, IN Facebook

    No relation to seller. Ihope this link works. Not sure if this is the place to post, let me know if it isn’t. I would like advice on buying a c4500 2wd to save initial investment with plan on an immediate DIY camper composite box and...